Golem Rush

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During this weeklong event, golems in World vs. World will be faster and stronger than ever. Will you join your new golem overlords, or will you act as a last bastion of humanoid kind and work to thwart their uprising? The choice is yours!

— Official description

Golem Rush is a special World versus World event that temporarily changed some of its mechanics from July 17 - July 24, 2015.


  • Siege Golems are improved:
    • Each does not cost supply to construct (blueprints are not free)
    • Golems all have the Supercharged Siege Golem.png Supercharged Siege Golem effect.
      • Move at 100% increased movement speed
      • Deal 100% additional damage against players and other siege golems
  • Each kill on an enemy player will grant your team one point toward your realm's total score
  • Mist War Summons.png Mist War Summons — Earn increased rewards in WvW during special events!
    +15% WXP (WvW only)
    +15% Experience from Kills (WvW only)
    +50% Magic Find (WvW only)

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