Mordremoth's Minions Invade Tyria

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The Mordrem are coming.

Mordremoth's Minions Invade Tyria was a special weekend event running from 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on September 10, 2015 through 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) [16:00] on September 14, 2015. The event consisted of invasion-based events that span across three zones: Brisban Wildlands, Kessex Hills and Diessa Plateau. Invasions occured on every hour at the 30 minute mark, with an hour extra break after the third invasion. Invasions consisted of three kinds of events that focused on destroying Vine Crawler Spawners.

Completing a single event tied to the invasions buffed the player with Diessa Invasion Defender, Kessex Invasion Defender, and Brisban Invasion Defender depending on the zone. These were used to determine the player's reward at the end of the invasion.

Introduction letter[edit]


Mordrem Researcher Eullo

Reports of Mordrem Invading Areas around Tyria

It's unfortunate I am not contacting you with good news. We have received several reports of Mordrem moving outward from the Heart of Maguuma and appearing in areas around Tyria. Its is imperative that we do everything possible to prevent Mordremoth from creating footholds close to our major cities.
I have included information on areas to investigate. Please be wary. We have detected a lot of underground activity in Brisban Wildlands, Kessex Hills and Diessa Plateau. Gather your friends and do all you can to beat the elder dragon's minions back.

Best of luck,

—Mordrem Researcher Eullo of the Durmand Priory


Server time (Local time) Location
00:30 Brisban Wildlands
01:30 Kessex Hills
02:30 Diessa Plateau
03:30 (break)
04:30 Brisban Wildlands
05:30 Kessex Hills
06:30 Diessa Plateau
07:30 (break)
08:30 Brisban Wildlands
09:30 Kessex Hills
10:30 Diessa Plateau
11:30 (break)
12:30 Brisban Wildlands
13:30 Kessex Hills
14:30 Diessa Plateau
15:30 (break)
16:30 Brisban Wildlands
17:30 Kessex Hills
18:30 Diessa Plateau
19:30 (break)
20:30 Brisban Wildlands
21:30 Kessex Hills
22:30 Diessa Plateau
23:30 (break)
Strange activity has been spotted in <zone>. (Prepare for invasion)
The Mordrem are invading <zone>. (Invasion ongoing)
The Mordrem invasion is withdrawing for now. (Hour break)
Meta events

There is a schedule for three similar meta events, each occurring in a different zone.


Each meta event may include three events, each requiring destruction of Vine Crawler Spawners in a different way.


Mordrem Researchers


Daily map reward

This reward is received once per map per day.

Invasion reward

This reward is received every time one does the event.

  • 5 Mordrem Blooms for 5-9 Invasion Defender stacks
  • 10 Mordrem Blooms for 10-19 Invasion Defender stacks
  • 15 Mordrem Blooms for 20+ Invasion Defender stacks


  • No loot, experience, or karma was rewarded by killing the invasion's Mordrem enemies or completing the events.

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