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Kalla Scorchrazor

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Grandcub of Pyre Fierceshot, Kalla Scorchrazor (1079 AE—1116 AE) led the rebellion against the Flame Legion and their domination of the other legions. Herself a member of the Blood Legion, she gathered allies from all three legions, and trained female soldiers in secret to become a formidable force. Her rebellion turned the tide in the final battle with the shaman caste on the Plains of Golghein. After the Flame Legion's surrender, Kalla fell victim to an ignoble act of treachery. The Imperator of the Flame Legion was so shamed by his defeat that, despite offering his surrender, he stabbed Kalla with a poisoned dagger. She died mouthing the words, "At least I die knowing my sisters are free". Her great sacrifice continues to inspire soldiers of all legions.

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