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Ventari was an elder of the centaurs two and a half centuries ago who lived in the Maguuma Jungle. Unlike most centaurs, he abhorred the violence that engulfed his species and that of the humans, setting up a camp in the arid tops of the Maguuma Jungle. When violence once more engulfed his homeland, Ventari fled south, to the Tarnished Coast, where he befriended a human named Ronan, with whom he planted the Pale Tree and founded the sanctuary of peace for all races seeking it that would eventually become the Grove. Along with Ronan, and after the human's death, he raised and nurtured the tree.

He died in 1180 AE, having written down his life experiences on an artifact that would later be known as the Ventari Tablet and placed it at the foot of the Pale Tree. 25 years ago, the firstborn of the sylvari sprouted forth from the tree and the race now holds his views in high regard.

Personal storyline involvement[edit]


  • "Forging serenity within the heart is more difficult than any physical battle."
  • "I did not know that such a small seed could begin such a very large journey..."
  • "Life can be painful, but do not fear the trials you will face. Hard ground makes stronger roots."
  • "Live well and fully, and waste nothing. Each day is a gift."
  • "You cannot expect the world to give you peace. You must find it... within yourself."
  • "Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow."


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