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Jade Bot Glide Booster

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Jade Bot Glide Booster.png

Jade Bot Glide Booster

Not available underwater  30 Recharge time  
Common Common
Jade Bot
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Your jade bot will give you a boost straight up.

— In-game description

Jade Bot Glide Booster is a utility skill available to gliding players with the  Gliding Booster.png Gliding Booster mastery unlocked.

Related equipment[edit]

Jade Bot equipment that improve this skill[edit]


  • You need to have a Power Core equipped in order to be able to use this skill.
  • The Glide Booster skill will not appear on your skill bar if you start gliding while under the Mounts Disabled.png Mounts Disabled effect. However, if you start gliding without having that effect the skill will be available for use regardless.
  • Like all other mastery skills, this skill is not available in World versus World.