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The Legendary Facets of Aurene

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The Legendary Facets of Aurene is an achievement category related to the Aurene-based 3rd generation legendary weapons and their variants.

Legendary Weapons (achievements).png
The Legendary Facets of Aurene (End of Dragons)
Total achievements: 20 60Achievement points


Upon binding an Aurene-based legendary weapon:



A discovery surrounding the Aurene-based weapons!

Dear Commander,

I have discovered an astounding property surrounding the Aurene-based weapons you carry. Similar to Aurene, they can absorb Elder Dragon magic, but the difference is that they change their form. Come speak with me at Aurene's Enclave in Seitung Province or at the Exchange in Arborstone, and we can get started on exploring what they can do. You'll need a flawless Elder Dragon scale to start, and I have a few I can part with in exchange for some resources.



  • A map change is required after binding a weapon to the armory in order for talking to Leivas to count for the achievement Arms of a New Cycle.
  • An additional legendary variation skin for each weapon will cost below:
Qty Material TP buy price Subtotal
200 Jade Runestone.pngJade Runestone ... ...
250 Memory of Aurene.pngMemory of Aurene ... ...
5 Mystic Clover.pngMystic Clover ... ...
Grand total ...