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Cobble Ward

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Cobble Ward

1Complete heart (map icon).png 4Point of interest (map icon).png

Cobble Ward map.jpg
Map of Cobble Ward

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New Kaineng City

Cobble Ward.jpg

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Cobble Ward is a lower district in the south end of New Kaineng City, mainly inhabited by tengu, whose community is currently being led by Strigidae. Since dragonjade technology is very expensive, the district is run on steam power instead. Raptor mounts can be obtained here.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the tengu of Cobble Ward restore their district (80)
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Brume Alley
Point of interest (map icon).png Kappa Underpass
Point of interest (map icon).png Salvage Yard
Point of interest (map icon).png Tengu Square
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (End of Dragons).png New Kaineng Insight: Salvage Yard



Jade Mechs


Merchant (vendor icon).png Elite Servitor
Jade Bot Workbench (map icon).png Jade Bot Workbench
Raptor Taxi (map icon).png Raptor Shepherd
Merchant (vendor icon).png Shopkeeper
Renown Heart (map icon).png Strigidae
Research Merchant (map icon).png Xunlai Jade Sales Associate


Ambient creatures
Jade Brotherhood

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Tengu Square
Supplier Crex: I wouldn't count on being able to carry those without a raptor, but I wouldn't mind watchin' you try.
Ouzel Nighteyes:Why so glum, little one?
Calypte Nightfare: I don't wanna talk about it...
Ouzel Nighteyes:Chirp up, Take. Tell me what happened.
Calypte Nightfare: They're...bullyingme at school again. Uta called my feathers "puffy".
Ouzel Nighteyes:Next time she does that, you tell Uta her feathers are too shiny!
Calypte Nightfare: But she doesn't have any feathers.
Ouzel Nighteyes:Exactly.
On a terrace west of the Cobble Ward breaker station
Hibari Ambertail: Why do you suppose the tengu are using that...dated tech? Looks even worse than the scrap we pulled out of the ruins.
Nio: Eh, probably can't afford Xunlai. Stuff's expensive.
Hibari Ambertail: Think we can tap into that market?
Plaza northeast of Tengu Square
Quelea Redfare: I heard someone shouting about the "insurrectionists" and that the empress is our enemy.
Quelea Redfare: I think they were a Purist.
Dahyeon: I'd just ignore them. If no one is listening, they'll crawl back to where they came from.
Quelea Redfare: You sure about that?
South of Kappa Underpass
Hajoon: I tried to go through the ministry...but they're completely tied up with the Old Kaineng restoration project.
Kamome: Not a problem. Reopening the old medical ward was a noble cause. I'm just glad we could help.
Jade Bulwark: Greetings, CITIZEN. Inform me if you are in need of aid.
Jade Bulwark: Hello, CITIZEN. Enjoy your daily activities.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Ore Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Vegetable Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Berry Synthesizer
Plant resource (map icon).png Clam
Wood resource (map icon).png Lumber Synthesizer