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Soojung Heights

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Soojung Heights

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Soojung Heights map.jpg
Map of Soojung Heights

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New Kaineng City
Connects to
Power Plant (N)
Kaineng Docks (W)
Sotdae Landing (SW)
Cobble Ward (SE)
Gwangsan Hill (E)

Soojung Heights.jpg

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Soojung Heights is an upper district in the south west section of New Kaineng City. It houses a large library operated by the Ministry of Archives.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Ihn's Grace
Point of interest (map icon).png Ministry of Archives
Point of interest (map icon).png Red Duck Teahouse
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Ministry of Archives



Jade Mechs


Merchant (vendor icon).png Elite Servitor [Merchant]
Merchant (vendor icon).png Jade Brotherhood Peddler [Merchant]
Merchant (vendor icon).png Shopkeeper [Merchant]




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Villager: With borders reopening, have you thought about heading north? See where the other tengu settled?
Veteran Tengu Assassin: I...I don't know. That was never an option before. Do you think we'd have anything in common?
Rak'ehl Woundgiver: Don't suppose you could point me to the Ministry of Archives?
Lady Ak: Kitty, kitty. Oh, how marvelous... Look at you! The fur, the claws. I've never seen a charr with my own two eyes before.
Rak'ehl Woundgiver: Oh, um... Thanks?
Lady Ak: Walk with me. Talk with me. I'll show you to the archives myself.
At the Ministry of Archives
Dotoli: I'm doing a book report on the impact of the affliction on the local wildlife in Zen Daijun!
Dotoli: Did you know that there's a spider the size of a house in a cave there? My sister told me about it.
Ginjiang: O-oh, yeah?
Soldier: Wow, this library is so peaceful... I wish we had something like this at the Black Citadel. Somewhere serene to read.
Archival Assistant Jisda: I assure you that is not always the case.
At Ihn's Grace
Sarang: Eye of the Ocean, savior of Kaineng. My daughter and I bring you offerings.
Sarang: Thank you for watching over the city and our families.
Sarang: With every ripple in the ocean, may the memories of those we have lost be carried to the next world.
Sarang: We pray for your prosperity.
Ni: We pray for your prosperity.
At the eastern edge
Sir Jagiya: Now, I'm not one to indulge in gossip...but I was reading a book at the library, and do you know what it said?
Sir Jagiya: It said that the empress eats a tengu sacrifice every spring to ensure a good harvest in Shing Jea!
Honi: That sounds...false. What book were you reading?
Sir Jagiya: "Usoku's Vision: Purifying Our Nation." Why do you ask?
At the district's northern edge
Elite Renho: I was thinking about hitting Cobble Ward. Shake a couple feathers.
Elite Renho: Bunch'a tengu think they're being wise by setting up in the lower districts with steam powered tech. Not enough cash for jade.
Brotherhood Sharpshooter: You've got the wedding soon, sir.
Elite Renho: Can't Chul-Moo come up himself? I've got a city to run while he plays with his toys in the woods.
Brotherhood Sharpshooter: Nope. Orders from the matriarch herself. She wants both of you there.
Elite Renho: Why! We all know Aiya's gonna get bored in a year - and I covered for Moo last time.
Brotherhood Sharpshooter: I don't make the rules. You can take it up with Una if you don't want to go.
In the understreets
Jade Brotherhood Peddler: Jade batteries and other tech, heavily discounted.
Jade Brotherhood Peddler: Can't afford Xunlai? You can afford the Brotherhood.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Canthan Herbs