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Nika was a proficient assassin schooled in her youth at Shing Jea Monastery. She served Cantha as a member of the Obsidian Flame, and was one of the heroes who assisted in fighting Shiro Tagachi in 1072 AE.



PvP Reward Track.png
Mist Champion Nika Reward Track

Combat abilities[edit]

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
War Cry — This skill will trigger when the Mist Champion is summoned.
Furtive Glance.png
 Furtive Glance
Players and their lord gain stealth for a long duration. If allies strike out of this stealth, they will blind their target.
Passive — This effect will constantly pulse around the Mist Champion.
Smoke and Daggers.png
 Smoke and Daggers
Grants stealth to nearby allies. Attacking in stealth will blind targets.
Elite — This skill will be triggered once the Mist Champion has entered the enemy lord's room.
Fade to Black.png
 Fade to Black
0.5½ 60 Turn invisible and slash all enemies at high speed for 20% of their health, dazing and blinding upon becoming visible again.


Skin Appearance Trading Post price from League Vendor
Nika (item).png Festive Nika Fancy Winter Outfit not available
Shadow Assassin Nika.png Shadow Assassin Nika Shadow Assassin Outfit 1000  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory
Strider's Nika.png Sneakthief Nika Sneakthief armor 250  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory
Strider's Nika.png Strider's Nika Strider's armor 100  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory


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  • Seems to have between 60,000 and 75,000 health.
  • Nika's Armor is named after her.