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Divinity's Reach
high city of the six gods
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Divinity's Reach is the greatest city in the human nation of Kryta. It is laid out like a giant wheel. Its upper city contains Queen Jennah's royal palace and the Chamber of Ministers. Six high roads, each dedicated to a god, divide the lower city into districts.

— In-game description

Divinity's Reach is the capital of Kryta and home for the humans. Members of all races of humanity live here, some of whom have been exiled or are unable to return to their homelands. Built on Divinity Coast in the province of Shaemoor, the royal family and Senators rule from here among "a breathtaking monument of white parapets and high, pale towers". It became the capital when the surfacing of Orr flooded the previous capital of Lion's Arch, and now defended by the Seraph stands as a bastion to human civilization and culture.

The city itself is made of heavy stone and mortar contrasting with the wilderness that surrounds the city. It was built with a large underground crypt, which is lined with bones of dead humans and contains the tomb of Blimm. The crypts are accessed via the Skull Gate and requires paperwork to access legally.

Demographically, the city is best described as a cultural melting pot, housing refugees from Ascalon, Cantha, Elona and even people of Orrian descent, though for the latter their heritage is rarely made public. Whether it be Rurikton or the Ossan Quarter, all make their home in one of the four residential districts of the wheeled city, their lives in orbit around the central palace. Another two districts are a common space for work and play, with shops and festivals alike scattered throughout their grounds.


Human characters have their home instance here in Salma District. Divinity's Reach also has a year-round carnival in one of the six districts, which contains Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra, and could be used for minigames and holiday events.


Locations and waypoints[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png District   Notes and Landmarks
  Balthazar High Road    
  District Promenade    
Dwayna Waypoint Dwayna High Road    
Commons Waypoint Eastern Commons   Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra
  Grenth High Road    
  Kormir High Road    
  Lyssa High Road    
  Melandru High Road    
  Ossan Quarter    
Balthazar Waypoint Plaza of Balthazar    
Dwayna Waypoint Plaza of Dwayna    
Grenth Waypoint Plaza of Grenth    
Kormir Waypoint Plaza of Kormir    
Lyssa Waypoint Plaza of Lyssa    
Melandru Waypoint Plaza of Melandru    
  Royal Palace    
  Rurikton   Maiden's WhisperMinister Wi's Mansion
Salma Waypoint Salma District   Manor Hill
  The Great Collapse    
Palace Waypoint The Upper City   Central PlazaChamber of MinistersShrine of the Six
Commons Waypoint Western Commons   Haidryn's MenagerieMina's Target ShootingThe Busted Flagon

Asura gates[edit]

  • The Upper City
  • Rurikton <--> Ebonhawke



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