The Busted Flagon

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The Busted Flagon

Point of Interest
Western Commons
(Divinity's Reach)
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The Busted Flagon.jpg

The Busted Flagon

Interactive map

The Busted Flagon is a tavern within the Western Commons of Divinity's Reach. According to Barmaid Karlena, the Flagon is currently seeking part-time bouncers, previous brawl experience preferred.[1]


There are 5 plaques with New Krytan text around the tavern:

  • "Don't drink and quest" is a play on words on "Don't drink and drive".
  • "Everyone stop shouting!" is a reference to a shout when being drunk in Guild Wars.
  • "If you are still standing you need more Dwarven ale".
  • "Please drink responsibly".
  • And the one plaque above the bar: "Rule number 1: The bartender is always right. Rule number 2: If bartender is wrong, see rule number 1".
  • This was perhaps the intended site of the "bar brawl" , it is likely that the idea evolved into what is now the Costume Brawl and Belcher's Bluff.