Champion Dredge Commissar

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Champion Dredge Commissar

Champion Dredge Commissar is the leader of the Dredge forces in Dredgehaunt Cliffs that have been fighting with the Durmand Priory for territory. He is encountered in Tribulation Rift as the final objective of the meta event In Pursuit of Knowledge and must be defeated to complete the meta.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the dredge commissar (50)

Note: This event may drop items for collections to craft legendary weapons. See the event page for the list of rewards.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Immune to Blind
  • Plays Gong
  • Dazes

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

Stolen skills


Inspiring comrades
They can't defeat us if we work together!
Comrades! Dig deeper. Work harder!
Once, we were slaves in the depths of the earth. Now we are free, and the world is ours!


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Deluxe Gear Box.png Deluxe Gear Box Container Exotic 1


The Dredge Commissar has both a Defiance bar and the Unshakable effect.
  • Unlike most bosses that spawn a Glorious Chest on death in an obvious place, the Champion Dredge Commissar sometimes moves quite far from his original spawn location. The chest can be located in a normally-locked room to the east of the event area by climbing a ramp.
  • His event is on a 20 minute respawn timer.