Unintended Coursework

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A glitch.

Unintended Coursework is a Super Adventure Box achievement, requiring the player to find a glitch in each of the Super Adventure Box zones. Destroying a glitch will spawn a Glitched Chest at the end of the zone, for a max of 6 chests per day. The chests can be opened once per day per zone, in any mode.


Unintended Coursework Super Adventure Box: Nostalgia 10Achievement points
Destroy all of the glitches in Super Adventure Box.Maybe it's more of a misplaced feature.
Objectives: 6 objectives in total
  • World 1 Zone 1: The bee dogs pass it on the way home.
  • World 1 Zone 2: High in the branches over the improper water.
  • World 1 Zone 3: In the cliff walls near a hollow tower.
  • World 2 Zone 1: Above the drifting logs.
  • World 2 Zone 2: Outside the furniture shop in the sky.
  • World 2 Zone 3: Sheltered high in the storm. Bring your flute.
Destroyed 6 Glitches 10Achievement points


Objective Switch location Glitch location Notes

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  • If multiple players are in the instance, they can hit the the crystals over and over to keep platforms spawned.
  • Only one player in an instance needs to destroy the glitch to spawn the glitched chest for everyone in the instance.
  • Some glitch paths may bypass short sections in tribulation mode.