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Councillor Zudo


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Councillor Zudo, sister of Councillor Ludo, is a member of the Arcane Council. She is the dean of the College of Dynamics, specializing in necromancy.[1]


Personal story[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Following the Elder Dragon Jormag's awakening in 1333 AE, the Ice Dragon's champion Ryland Steelcatcher approached the Arcane Council with an offer to exchange knowledge and collaborate with the asura to defeat Primordus, Jormag's enemy, for good as the Fire Dragon's rise was inevitable. Zudo and the rest of the council agreed to Jormag's terms and saw the truce as logical in order to finally destroy the Fire Dragon which had driven asuran ancestors from the Depths of Tyria centuries ago.

By the time the Pact Commander, Braham Eirsson and Rytlock Brimstone arrived at Rata Sum, they witnessed Ryland having a discussion with Zudo and Councilor Vark. Zudo was the first to welcome the Commander to the city and introduced them to Ryland. When the Commander questioned why Ryland, who had helped Jormag awaken, was allowed in the asuran capital, Vark pointed out that Ryland's actions in the charr civil war at the Drizzlewood Coast did not concern the asura and that it was more important to focus on Primordus who was sure to rise again in Jormag's wake. Zudo backed up her fellow councillor's statement by mentioning that the council was focused on the present and the future and that Jormag could be reasoned with. The council believed that an alliance against a common enemy was logical and that the Commander should recognize the value of such an arrangement against the destructive Fire Dragon.

Vark, Zudo and her sister Ludo attended Taimi's briefing at the Advanced Metamystics Lab alongside the Commander, Rytlock and Ryland. Taimi explained that she had been using her network to track the recent earthquakes happening throughout Tyria although she was unsure if all of it was related to Primordus or movements of ley energy. Vark found Taimi's findings odd, though, as the council had never seen any activity that far below the crust.

Suddenly, Taimi's readings indicated activity beneath Rata Sum. As if on cue, the city was invaded by Primordus's destroyers which proved to be stronger than previous destroyer generations. Zudo fought alongside the rest of the Arcane Council, Ryland's Frost Legion, Braham, Rytlock, Taimi and the Commander and forced the destroyers into retreat once they had felled the destroyer lieutenant leading the invasion force. As soon as the battle had concluded, Zudo ordered the destroyer corpses to be studied so the asura could catalogue their evolutionary discrepancies and identify any weaknesses.


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Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]


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There is no higher authority than the council.
Greetings, salutations, and good tidings to you.
Council is in session.
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