Malchor's Fingers

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Malchor's Fingers

1Vista (map icon).png

Malchor's Fingers map.jpg
Map of Malchor's Fingers

Malchor's Fingers locator.svg
Location within Malchor's Leap

Malchor's Leap
(Ruins of Orr)
Connects to
Whisper Bay (S)
Blighted Arch (SE)
Mirror Bay (SE)
Jinx Isle (SW)

Malchor's Fingers.jpg
Malchor's Fingers

Malchor's Fingers, also called Malchor's Fingertips, were a series of spires poking out of the waters while Orr was still sunken, prior to Zhaitan's awakening. Sailors used them to mark the edge of the Orrian Veil which was feared to traverse at the time due to stories of sea monsters and ships that never returned. The sailor legends insisted that they were the spires of an Orrian cathedral jutting out of the water, but others claimed that they were just salt pillars.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Vista (map icon).png Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Vista —
From Mirror's Handle, head to the north of the island along the eastern side. When you reach the base of the spire with the vista on it, turn around and jump to the higher spire to the west, then jump back onto the vista's spire closer to the vista.
From Union Waypoint you can head north and jump off the upper level and glide to the waypoint if you have Glider Basics


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore (occasionally)


The minimap shows "Malchor's Fingertips" when scrolling over it when the area.