Statue of Balthazar (Valley of Lyss)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the hero challenge statue in Malchor's Leap. For the other statues, see Statue of Balthazar (hero challenge).
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Statue of Balthazar

Statue of Balthazar (Orrian deactivated).jpg

Valley of Lyss
(Malchor's Leap)
Hero challenge
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Statue of Balthazar (Orrian activated).jpg
Activated appearance.

A Statue of Balthazar can be found on the road between Pagga's Camp and the Village of Wren. It is a commune type hero challenge.


Ruins of Orr


Hearts beat faster in the shadow of the powerful strength of this statue. It's the eyes; they blaze a challenge to the world, to aim higher, be stronger and more bold.
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Commune with this place of power.
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You've gained all you can from this place of power.


  • The statues can become contested and have harmful area of effects based on the progress of the Temple meta events of the map they are on.