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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Living World Season 4.


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Vigil, Pact, Dragon's Watch

Congratulations, Commander. Trahearne and I both owe you special thanks for helping us with our Wyld Hunts. If you keep helping Firstborn this way, we may have to make you an honorary sylvari.


Commander Tiffany Solestrider is a human ranger and is the Commander of the Pact. Solestrider is the descendant of the hero Tiffany Inafit.

Biography (Roleplaying)[edit]


Tiffany Smith was the first of the line; born in 1010 BE, she started the tradition of naming all her daughters Tiffany, with varying last names. She wanted her descendents to stand out in the world - to be bold. Her descendents came to be known as 'Clan Tiffany,' and they all strove to do remarkable things. Some raised a family; others fought in wars; still others did heroic deeds. Clan Tiffany became known as a family that was very loyal and steadfast, and, for the most part, at least, ignored the normal racial discrimination. Some of them joined the Order of Whispers or, when it came into existence, the Durmand Priory.

One of her descendents, Tiffany Inafit, took part in the war against the charr after the Searing.

Personal Story[edit]

In 1301, Tiffany Solestrider was born. At the age of twenty-four, she helped defend the village of Shaemoor from the attacking centaurs, becoming aquainted with Captain Logan Thackeray and being injured by a giant earth elemental in the process. Once she recovered, her adoptive family, Innkeeper Andrew and his daughter, Petra, called her home, having been worried about her. Shortly after, she helped Captain Thackeray solve a bandit problem, and root out some deep-seated corruption in the Ministry Guard.

Shortly after, Logan asked her what she knew about Falcon Company, and, upon learning that Deborah, Solestrider's adopted sister, had been a part of that division of the Seraph, invited her to help find out what had happened to them. This resulted in Deborah's rescue from captive bandits and revealing Captain Tervelan as a traitor.

When a former Seraph corporal, Kellach went missing and Risen were found in Lychcroft Mere, while the Orders of Tyria were bickering, Logan advised Queen Jennah to send in Tiffany Solestrider. Countess Anise backed Logan up, having met Solestrider before. The Queen took their advice and informed Solestrider that she was now the Advocate of the Crown, with the Queen's full authority to deal with the matter. Solestrider unearthed an attempt to kill the Queen, and averted it with the help of Logan and the Vigil, which she joined.

After joining the Vigil, Solestrider was partnered with Forgal Kernsson, a stern old norn who mentored her in the ways of the Vigil. The Vigil's motto, 'some must fight so that all may be free,' took hold of Solestrider, and it became one of her ideals. When a mission took her to Claw Island to warn the Lionguard of an impending attack, Forgal introduced her to Trahearne, Tyria's formost scholar on Zhaitan and Orr, who had found out about the attack and come to warn Watch Commander Talon as well. Despite their warnings, the Risen and their commander, Blightghast the Plaguebringer, took Claw Island, driving Solestrider, Trahearne, and the Lionguard off of Claw Island. Forgal stayed behind to hold off the Risen so the others could get away.

Over the next couple days, Solestrider and Trahearne worked together to gather allies to retake Claw Island, their efforts including finding a few norn from the Shiverpeaks and speaking to the Pale Tree, who showed them a vision and told them that the Vigil Keep was under attack. After successfully fending off the Risen, Solestrider brought the leaders of the Orders together to form an alliance of the three Orders - the Vigil, the Durmand Priory, and the Order of Whispers - led by Trahearne. They successfully retook claw Island and killed the Plaguebringer. The alliance - which came to be known as the Pact shortly after - decided to establish a base at Fort Trinity on Terzetto Bay amd push on into Orr.

When Trahearne, who had taken the rank of marshal, needed some Risen Guard Towers and Bone Ships destroyed, Demolitionist Tonn and Solestrider, whom had been given the rank of Pact Commander, took the job, but Tonn was killed in the explosion that sank the Risen ship. Right afterward, while she was reporting to Trahearne, Fort Trinity was attacked by Risen. After successfully driving off the Risen, Solestrider took on the task of informing Tonn's widow, Ceera, of his death.

Trahearne introduced Solestrider to Sayeh al'Rajihd and asked them to investigate one of Abaddon's sunken temples. They encountered unsual Risen and told Trahearne about them. He informed them that that was an Eye of Zhaitan, and tasked Solestrider with hunting it down. After that was accomplished, the Priory began studying the Eye, and learned that Elder Dragons consume magic, and that Zhaitan, in particular, does so via his Mouths. Solestrider hunted down the Mouth and killed it, effectively depriving Zhaitan of sustenance.

After having partially blinded Zhaitan and rendered the dragon hungry, Trahearne informed the Commander that their next task was to cull Zhaitan's army. To accomplish that feat, Trahearne performed some rituals and led them into the Ossuary of Unquiet Dead and wrecked Zhaitan's operations.

With Zhaitan crippled, the Pact focused on invading Orr further, through several operations. Solestrider took charge of comandeering some Risen Bone Ships to fake their way through the enemy front lines. On that mission, Agent Zott, of the Order of Whispers, was killed by Risen, to the rage of his partner, Elli.

After this, Trahearne found a way to cleanse Orr, but the attempt failed, and Trahearne despaired of completing his Wyld Hunt. Solestrider encouraged her friend and cheered him up, reminding him of something someone in the Pale Tree's vision had said; 'seek the Source.' Trahearne almost instantly cheered up, recalling something about the Source from his extensive studies of Orr.

Trahearne and Tiffany Solestrider spoke to Priestess Rhie, who performed a ritual in one of Grenth's temples, summoning an Avatar of Grenth who told them where to find the Source. Trahearne and Solestrider found the location mentioned by the Avatar, but the Artesian Waters were guarded by Zhaitan's Sovereign Eye. The two defeated the Eye, and Trahearne began his ritual, while Solestrider defended him from the Risen. This time, the cleansing had a noticeable effect, and Trahearne had his life's work realized. His Wyld Hunt was done.

The time came for the Pact to move on Zhaitan, and, with the help of Destiny's Edge, the Pact's airships (most notably the Glory of Tyria), and Zojja's MEGA-LIT cannon, the Pact killed Zhaitan's champions (Ogravros the Moondeath, Fafnarin the Heartslayer, and Horrogos the Soulbreaker) and Zhaitan itself.

The celebration at Fort Trinity afterwards was probably one of the biggest in history. Despite her obligation to Trahearne being over, Sayeh was there, as were many others. At first, Trahearne was hiding out on the airship docked at Fort Trinity, but Solestrider coaxed him out with a touch of amusement to join the celebration. He said something that stuck with Solestrider; that Tyria would not be safe until the last of the Elder Dragons were defeated, and Solestrider vowed, in her heart of hearts, to help Trahearne and the Pact defeat the Elder Dragons.

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Living World Season 1[edit]

When the Molten Alliance began disrupting life in Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks, Solestrider heard of it and went to help, making two friends on the way; Rox and Braham Eirsson, who, Solestrider was surprised to learn (though in retrospect it shoudn't have been surprising) was her friend Eir's son, who also (actually surprisingly this time) disliked his mother, and was very touchy on the subject.

After helping Braham retake his home town, Cragstead, from the Molten Alliance and helping Rox rescue refugees from their Molten Facilities, the Lionguard asked for her help on Southsun Cove. After numerous problems, a ship carrying contracts that were almost slave-like was blown up. Solestrider does not care who did it - Ellen Kiel blames a sylvari named Canach - and Solestrider briefly considered freeing him from his cell in Fort Marriner, but dismissed the idea, as he had been put there under Lion's Arch authority and was being held by the Vigil, which she was still loyal to.

When the people of Lion's Arch decided to have a celebration centered around Elder Dragons (and their defeat), Solestrider was rather amused, wondering if they still hadn't had enough celebration after that one at Fort Trinity? But when a member of the Captain's Council was killed, she sprang into action, as did a human investigator from Divinity's Reach.

Combat Abilities[edit]

Soulbeast Abilities
  • Beastmode Beastmode - Meld with your pet.
    • Leave Beastmode Leave Beastmode - Separate from your pet.

Greatsword Build[edit]

Greatsword Skills
  • Slash Slash - Chain. Slash your foe.
    • Slice Slice - Chain. Slice your foe.
    • Power Stab Power Stab - Slash at your foe. This attack restores endurance if it hits.
  • Maul Maul - Attack your foe with the force of a bear. Your pet gains an attack of opportunity.
  • Swoop Swoop - Run and leap at your foe, hitting them and nearby foes.
  • Counterattack Counterattack - Block incoming attacks. If an attack is blocked, Counterattack Kick can be used.
    • Crippling Throw Crippling Throw - Throw your greatsword, crippling your foe.
  • Hilt Bash Hilt Bash - Daze your foe with a hilt bash. Stun them if you hit from behind, and refresh your Maul ability.
Utility & Elite
  • "We Heal As One!" "We Heal As One!" - Command. Heal yourself and your pet. You each gain copies of the other's boons.
  • Flame Trap Flame Trap - Trap. Set a trap that burns foes.
  • Viper's Nest Viper's Nest - Trap. Set a trap that pulses poison on foes when triggered.
  • Frost Trap Frost Trap - Trap. Set a trap that chills foes.
  • One Wolf Pack One Wolf Pack - Stance. Your successful attacks will trigger a second strike while in this stance. This effect can occur once per interval.

Longbow Build[edit]

Longbow Skills
  • Long Range Shot Long Range Shot - Shoot your foe from long range. The farther the arrow flies, the more damage it does.
  • Rapid Fire Rapid Fire - Fire multiple arrows at your foe.
  • Hunter's Shot Hunter's Shot - Fire an arrow that grants you stealth when it hits an enemy. Your pet gains swiftness.
  • Point-Blank Shot Point-Blank Shot - Push back your foe with a point-blank shot. The closer they are, the farther it pushes them back.
  • Barrage Barrage - Barrage the target area with a hail of arrows that cripple.
Utility & Elite
  • "We Heal As One!" "We Heal As One!" - Command. Heal yourself and your pet. You each gain copies of the other's boons.
  • Quickening Zephyr Quickening Zephyr - Survival. You and your pet gain quickness and superspeed.
  • Sharpening Stone Sharpening Stone - Survival. Bleed foes with your next few attacks.
  • Signet of Stone Signet of Stone - Signet Passive: Improves toughness for you and your pet. Signet Active: You and your pet take no damage from attacks. You and your pet are still susceptible to conditions and control effects.
  • Hounds of Balthazar Hounds of Balthazar - Summon two Hounds of Balthazar to fight at your side.

Guild Wars 2-Related Hobbies[edit]

  • I write fanfiction. I have written four, not counting my twelve one-shots. You can find my work and my inane rambling about random GW2 topics (as well as a couple unfinished, abandoned Harry Potter fanfictions) at
  • I write parodies of pre-existing songs. Fair warning - all but two are terrible. And one of those two is slightly out-of-character (but better than the others). If you don't care about it being out-of-character, then you'll be great! Most of the reasons I hate half of them are because they're out of character. You can find them at
  • I (at least, used to) do tracings. I would print out pictures of the main NPC allies and trace them with transparent tracing paper and a light-up pad underneath. I traced most of them - and it ate my free time. I don't do that anymore, but when I do, I love admiring what I've drawn. (Waaait, I drew that??)
  • I tell everybody I know how much I love Tyria. Ask my family, they're tired of it!
    • I will squeal every time I think about how absolutely hilarious Taimi is. Honestly, I laugh more than is healthy for me (wait, is that even possible? hm).
    • I used to groan in frustration every time Falcon, my brother, mixed up the names 'Jormag' and 'Jombraa,' a champion in another video game. However, recently he described Jombraa as a 'purple buffoon,' and ever since it's been an inside joke (well, not so much anymore, is it?) that calling Jormag Jombraa means we're calling him a purple buffoon ROFLOL. It's funny!
    • I talk and talk and talk so much that I've convinced - so far - seven people to begin playing. And one person to buy Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire! (Any recognition from Anet for bringing them business? Anyone? lol)
  • Wiki editing! I spend a ton of time on here researching things for my several fanfictions.
    • Complaining in the sylvari talk page to much more experienced users about why the Firstborn are always said to have been born in 1302. It was 1300, honestly! Meaning the Secondborn (and LS2 episode Seeds of Truth) were born in 1302, not 1304. *sigh* You can go check out that talk page - and there was another discussion with somebody on my side of the argument somewhere else, and he knew his stuff a lot more than I did - if you want to. (Although, Konig seems very vehement. I just don't want any young, impressionable GW2 or wiki-users to get corrupted by that way of thinking. /cry)
    • I've recently started questioning the wiki. Like, sources and stuff. I've never cared about sources before! What's this?
      • But honestly, whenever were we told that Zojja - Zojja, of all people! - used Kudu's notes on dragon energies to craft the MEGA-LIT cannon (the thing that cut off Zhaitan's tail). I mean, seriously? Zojja using Kudu's notes on dragon energies?? What is the world coming to??
    • Complaining about inadequate story walkthrough. Yes! On our wiki, inadequate story instance walkthroughs! It's, like, the main focus! And the one time - because I never check the wiki for story walkthroughs, I like solving it myself - that I go to the wiki for the walkthrough (not the dialogue, I do that a ton) it's not enough. Really, it was how to get to the druids in the LS3 taking place in Draconis Mons. I got through alright, though, and I'm starting to feel bad about the rather amazing complaining and whining I did on that talk page. You got a sample of it right here, so imagine a long paragraph of that. /wince.
    • This page! I did spend a lot of time here, setting everything up. It's also my sandbox for learning new code and putting it to use (because I honestly have no idea how to use the actual sandbox, as I need to have a use for something before I use it). Eventually, this page will look like an NPC page - photo and infobox at one side, combat abilities, trivia, notes, etc! This is going to be so fun! Eee!
  • And playing. I can't not be as obsessed as you see here without me loving to play the actual game. As you can see in the roleplaying section above (which may or may not be finished, lol) I love the lore and the roleplaying. And I'll probably have to have a whole different section for that here, just because... well.
    • I am attached to my character. I created her (Tiffany Solestrider) in such a way that she acts just like me! Honestly, sometimes me and her literally say the same exact thing (because I love talking at the NPCs (and the screen/game mechanics, on occassion) as I play)! It's so fun. It also means that her friends are my friends, and whenever I type that I realize - wait, I don't actually know these people. My Commander (another way I like referring to her, even though it sounds like I'm one of her subordinates that way, lol) knows them, not me. Anything that she is interested in, I am interested in. With a few exceptions.
      • Like Glint's egg (before it hatched, obviously). "The Pale Tree's vision showed me how important that egg is!" And I said to her, "the Pale Tree's vision was a blurry mass of nothing." But she didn't care. And whyy? "Braham, she (Caithe) makes one wrong move, you put her down." "With pleasure, Commander." WHAAT? You do know what that means, right? Particularly once she mentioned it was her Wyld Hunt! Did all the complainers about Caithe not learn anything from Personal Storyline? If there's one thing that's emphasized, it is don't get between sylvari and their Wyld Hunt! I mean, we spent a short story arc helping Trahearne cleanse Orr! The sylvari players spent the whole PS trying to complete their Wyld Hunt (kill Zhaitan) which also happened to be Caithe's Wyld Hunt, which non-sylvari players were helping her do! Every time somebody complains about Caithe, I shake my head and say 'sylvari and Wyld Hunts.' And then most likely do this rant here.