Captain Tervelan

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My command's killed more centaurs than the rest of the Seraph combined—thanks to Falcon Company's sacrifice.

Captain Tervelan

Captain Tervelan is the Seraph Captain of Queensdale. Formerly the commander of the Falcon Company, he was promoted after the unit was devastated by a centaur ambush. It is discovered that he set up the ambush under the orders of a Minister who issued orders signing as Minister Arton. According to bandits, this minister is Caudecus Beetlestone.

The player can choose to kill him at the end of Confronting Captain Tervelan.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

Skills (Sword)
  • Slash
  • Savage Leap
  • Warhorn skill that grants him Swiftness and Regeneration
Skills (Pistols)
  • Chain Shot
  • Evasive Shot
  • Shoot
Stolen skills