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We're asura, and we always strive for professionalism. Today will be no different.

Agent Zott

Agent Zott is an asuran optics specialist in the Order of Whispers. He participated in the retaking of Claw Island where the Pact Commander helped him redirect the energy of a lighthouse. Zott and his new partner Elli later helped assault Orr from a naval point. The two developed feelings towards each other, shown by Zott's attempts to comfort Elli when she recognized Risen Captain Yejj as an asura she had once known. Zott helped the Pact take the Orrian shore, only for the Risen Marksman Rukbat Rami to fatally shoot him in the back with an arrow. Zott's death motivated Elli to keep on fighting for the Pact to bring down the Elder Dragon Zhaitan once and for all.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


  • During their missions together, Elli gives Zott playful nicknames such as Zotty and Colossus Grumpus which the more serious Zott considers embarrassing.
  • At the end of Conscript the Dead Ships, Zott mentions that he had then lost someone or something making him less lighthearted.