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Blazeridge Steppes
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  • Brandview
  • Unknown
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The charr once ruled Blazeridge Steppes, but the rising of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik left a corrupted swath across the land. Now the legions contend not only against the creatures of the Dragonbrand, but against the ogres who have come down from the mountains.

— In-game description

Blazeridge Steppes is an area in Ascalon, scarred by the harsh run of the Dragonbrand that marks it from north to south. The charr have reclaimed these lands nonetheless, building their forts and outposts while fending off the crystalline branded that now abound.


Blazeridge Steppes is home to the Shatterer, first featured in Gamescom 2010.

Locations and waypoints[edit]

  Location Waypoint (map icon).png Notes and Landmarks
  Agrak Kraal    
  Behem Gauntlet    
  Blightwater Basin    
  Crater Rim    
Complete heart (map icon).png Deserter Flats    
  Dragonwatch Dragonwatch  
  Foulblain Expanse    
  Gastor Gullet    
Complete heart (map icon).png Kinar Fort Kinar  
  Hazmagic Aggregate    
  Heretic Plain    
Complete heart (map icon).png Guardian Stone Guardian Stone  
  InGenium Research Facility    
  Kindling Bridge    
  Lowland Burns Lowland Burns  
  Monument Grounds    
Complete heart (map icon).png Pockmark Roughs    
  Ratcatcher Knoll    
Complete heart (map icon).png Relliatus Canyon Brandview Fort Brandview
  Shattered Palisades    
  Splinter Hills    
  Steeleye Span Steeleye Span  
  Soot Road    
  Tawny Ridge    
  Terra Carorunda    
Complete heart (map icon).png Terra Combusta   Brokentooth Maw
  Tongue Rock    
  Tumok's Last Stand    
  Twin Sisters Crossing Twin Sisters Foewatch Encampment
Complete heart (map icon).png Unbroken Expanse Expanse Degun Shun

Fauna and Foes[edit]

  • Branded: The passing of Kralkatorrik warped both land and life; these crystalline foes are now a threat across the Steppes.
  • Elementals: Stone is slow to erode, as evidenced by the rock elementals still rampant in Pockmark Roughs.
  • Grawl: The grawl presence remains, unchecked through the years in the human's absence.
  • Harpies: These winged nuisances bother travelers and settlements; the ogres of Degun Shun have been particularly affected.
  • Moas and drakes: Natural wildlife has crept back in the intervening years since the Searing.


  • Help Fahrtak Shatterfiend - Assist the Brokentooth Maw charr by fighting the Dragonbrand
  • Help Wark and his golem - Kill the harpies that nest on the Great Northern Wall. (Guardian Stone area)
  • Help Shelp - Assist the peaceful ogres of Degun Shun by removing local threats. (Degun Shun)
  • Help Sentinel Faithspotter - Fight the hostiles encroaching on Kinar Fort. (Kinar Fort)
  • Help Sentinel Scout Liharn - Aid the Sentinels by removing threats near Brandview and by investigating the Inquest.
  • Help Scholar Olarin? - Aid the Priory by removing threats in the research in Pockmark Roughs. - Scholar ? helped. -Thank you for aiding Scholar ? in his venture into Pockmark Roughs.
  • Help Historian Jinell - Ensure that the Priory can safely research the Serenity Temple ruins. - Historian Jinell helped.