Degun Shun

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Degun Shun

Degun Shun map.jpg
Map of Degun Shun

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Blazeridge Steppes
Connects to
Heretic Plain (N)
Unbroken Expanse (W)

Degun Shun.jpg

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Degun Shun is a cave in Blazeridge Steppes housing ogres from different tribes who have been expelled from theirs for various reasons. They have formed a new group here, but they are often attacked by other aggressive ogres who want to steal their pets.

Locations and objectives[edit]





Merchant (vendor icon).png Chieftain Seegor (46)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Glubb (46)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Herder Mowp (46)
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Slugger (46)



Ambient dialogue[edit]

Jawp: Rotted meat and clotted milk. You need the best food for the best training.
Jawp: Eat up, little friend.
Naowp: I must teach. It must obey.
Naowp: Attack, attack, attack. Each one makes us stronger. Again, again, and again. That's it. That's how you do it.
Rauwp: We are strong ogres. Look at our pets. Look at them. They are mighty, powerful.
Hawp: But who's stronger?
Rauwp: That a challenge?
Hawp: It is now.
Rauwp: Again! You fight me here. Now.
Hawp: You will lose.
Rauwp: Maybe. But that's okay. Fight me.
Hawp: Go! Attack like you're mighty!
Hawp: Hahaha. What will you do now?
Rauwp: (grunt) Charge back!
Hawp: No! My pet was no match!
Rauwp: Good job, friend.
Hawp: I want a rematch.
Rauwp: Why? You cannot defeat me.
Hawp: Refusing a challenge?
Rauwp: Never. My pet cannot lose.
Rauwp: Using a new pet? Your bond is too weak still.
Rauwp: There's no hope for you.
Hawp: I can beat you!
Rauwp: Take him down!
Rauwp: What? My attack failed.
Hawp: Counter attack!
Hawp: You lose. I win.
Rauwp: No. This cannot be.