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Pain Cliffs
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Appearance in the home instance.


— Cat

The "Cat" is a seemingly bug-like creature in Super Adventure Box, located on the top level of the gong puzzle pagoda after the 9th checkpoint in Pain Cliffs. It can be fed a Piranha in Exploration or Normal Mode as part of the hungry cat scavenger hunt.


Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains


Make your way to the ninth checkpoint, making sure to clear out all of the assassins and toads from the seventh to ninth checkpoint, as well as in the pagoda where the cat can be found. Backtrack in the direction of the seventh checkpoint by using the pillars and then jumping down to the clouds halfway on the right hand side to return to the large pagoda with the pools of Piranha at its base area.

Grab one of the Piranhas and make your way back to the ninth checkpoint, but as the Piranha will break free from the player's grip after being held for 8 seconds, it is recommended to manually drop the fish and pick it back up every 6–7 seconds to avoid losing the fish in midair. Additionally, players can use the clouds upon returning with the fish, which may prove easier than having to constantly drop and pick up the Piranhas again and again if jumping from pillar to pillar.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Honors in Applied Jumping


If you do not have Piranha
This looks like some kind of bug. It seems low on hearts.
Talk end option tango.png It's not interested in anything I have.
If you are in Tribulation Mode (see notes)
This oddly named character seems awed by your super-adventuring skills and refuses to take your hard-earned items.
Talk end option tango.png Suit yourself.
If you do have a Piranha
This looks like some kind of bug. It seems low on hearts.
Talk give option tango.png It seems interested in the piranha you're carrying.
It beeps happily.
Talk end option tango.png 'Bye.
Talk end option tango.png No, cat. This is for a giant octopus.
After feeding it
Talk end option tango.png Good cat, or whatever you are.


  • It will not accept the Piranha in Tribulation Mode. This is likely intentional based on the dialogue of the "Cat" being too impressed to accept the fish.
  • Feeding the cat is easier done in a party, with one member clearing out the foes and one carrying the fish, but doing so is not required.
  • After unlocking the bauble home instance node, the cat will permanently relocate in front of the node and will throw a bauble at the node every few minutes.


  • When the cat was introduced in 2017, it originally sat near the front of the giant gong at the top of the pagoda and could be fed through the wall from the outside of the pagoda. The following year it was moved away from the wall and gong so that the cat could only be fed from the inside.
  • When unlocked to the home instance, it will appear as a bee-patterned, stub-tailed Scottish Fold named "Cat". It has a bauble aura, the "Honors in Applied Jumping" title, and wears a collar with a blue bauble hanging from it.