Scavenger's Chasm

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Scavenger's Chasm

Scavenger's Chasm map.jpg
Map of Scavenger's Chasm


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Scavenger's Chasm is a jumping puzzle located at Hope Falls in Malchor's Leap.

Getting there[edit]

To reach the entrance, take the Waypoint (map icon).png Pagga's Waypoint and head west until you reach the cliff. Follow the cliff south until you are right before the waterfall. You should see a little ledge just beside (not behind) the waterfall. Drop onto the ledge and continue to work your way down. Once you're at the bottom, enter the cave in the cliffside - the cave contains two spiders and an Orrian Spectral Guard.


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Related achievements[edit]


  • The puzzle has a daily reset. You can open the chests once per day, however, you can collect the orbs which open the chests repeatedly.
  • You can reach the Scavenger's Chasm Mastery Insight from the jumping puzzle.
  • Although designed to be reached by falling from the ledge above the entrance, with gliding it is now also possible to jump from the opposite side of the chasm or from the bridge to enter. You can also enter by using mounts to scale the mountain from outside.
  • Interacting with an Orrian Treasure Chest at the end of the puzzle before adding enough power sources will yield the message "It is of little use to know the way if the way you know has changed."
  • You must interact with all of the orbs in front of the chests to get the achievement.