List of scouts in Ascalon

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A list of scouts in the Ascalon region.

Plains of Ashford[edit]

Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location Level
Fursta FarhunterVillage of Smokestead
(outside Black Citadel, at Waypoint (map icon).png Smokestead)
Rancher Tolona Ironrustler Help Tolona Ironrustler with her farm. Gunbreach Hills, just North of Waypoint (map icon).png Smokestead 2
Crucibis Forgeweld Help Crucibis Forgeweld run the armory. Gunbreach Hills, SE of Waypoint (map icon).png Greysteel Armory 2
Scar Stripeclaw Help Scar Stripeclaw organize the wrecking yard. Gunbreach Hills at Point of interest (map icon).pngThe Wrecking Yard 3
Thegren Topjaw Rid the training area of pests. Tela Range 3
Strum Bassclash Help Strum Bassclash secure Lake Feritas. West side of Lake Feritas 4
Latera Painstorm Help Latera Painstorm fight the Flame Legion. East side of Lake Feritas 5
Garak JawripperOld Duke's Estate
(at Waypoint (map icon).png Feritas Waypoint)
Bryllana Deepmind Help Bryllana Deepmind thin out ghosts. Old Duke's Estate 6
Kyra Sharptracker Help Kyra Sharptracker thin out ghosts. Victor's Presidium at Point of interest (map icon).pngSharptail Encampment 6
Frissa SplattershotCharr's Triumph
(in the pass to the West of Waypoint (map icon).png Temperus Point
Blayd Gutwrencher Help the Blood Legion thin out nuisances Charr's Triumph, North of Waypoint (map icon).png Temperus Point 7
Kessis Ironbound Defend the Iron Legion fort from Flame Legion Charr's Triumph, near Point of interest (map icon).pngExterminatus HQ 8
Beata HeavyspearCharr's Triumph
(East of Point of interest (map icon).pngVictory Cenotaph)
Paenula Drakecatcher Help Paenula train troops. East side of Charr's Triumph 9
Galea RelicchaserAshford Forum
(Southeast corner of Ashford Forum)
Gavros Spiritfoe Help Gavros Spiritfoe thin out ghosts. Center of Devast District 10
Alteria CogchaserDevast District
(where the two roads intersect)
Sesto Headsplitter Assist Sesto Headsplitter with his work. Ascalon Basin at Waypoint (map icon).png Irondock Shipyard 11
Mei Hawkslayer Help Mei Hawkslayer disrupt separatist activity. West side of Loreclaw Expanse 12
Minita SkaleslayerAscalon Basin
(along Eastern shore of lake, at concave corner)
Researcher Irkz Help Researcher Irkz study skale poison. Eastern corner of Ascalon Basin 12
Orystea DeathstalkerCadem Forest
(West of Waypoint (map icon).png Duskrend Overlook, in middle of 4 mountains)
Androchus the Hidden Help Androchus thin out ogres. Cadem Forest 13
Tyranea the UnyieldingPhasmatis Corridor
(at Waypoint (map icon).png Phasmatis Waypoint)
Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler Help Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler retake Ascalon City. Ascalon City Ruins 14
Sagum Relicseeker Help Sagum Relicseeker with his research. The Toppled Wall 15

Diessa Plateau[edit]

Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location Level
Padar GrindaxeTown of Nolan
(in center of town, along road upon entering area from The Black Citadel)
Tiga Fierceblade Assist the Blood Legion. Oldgate Clearing, near Waypoint (map icon).png Nolan Waypoint 15
Zalvax Brokenclaw Assist the Iron Legion fighting ghosts. Northwest side of Oldgate Clearing 16
Nobal BurybladeHalrunting Plains
(Waypoint (map icon).png Charrgate Haven, upon entering area from Wayfarer Foothills)
Gon Rageshot Assist the Iron Legion. Burrows of Moledavia 16
Lakor Grizzlemouth Assist Lakor Grizzlemouth in keeping Meatoberfest running smoothly. Village of Butcher's Block 17
Wagh Nearshot Assist the Quarry Workers. Bloodcliff Quarry 17
Isha RageaxeWodron Glens
(SE corner of Wodron Glens, at fork in road)
Veska Bladesinger Help Charradis Estate Ranchers attend to cattle. Wodron Glens, SE of Waypoint (map icon).png Charradis Estate 17
Vasher Shadowsinner Help the Ash Legion take out Separatists. Oldgate Clearing at Point of interest (map icon).pngDunrock Gulch 17
Kastaz Strongpaw Help Kastaz Strongpaw maintain his garden. Noxin Dells 18
Sarene SparvauntTown of Nageling
(NE corner of Town of Nageling, at Cattlepult)
Fyra Redtail Help the Blood Legion combat ghost siege weapons. The Blasted Moors 19
Stout Darkmind Assist Stout Darkmind. Rancher's Wash at Point of interest (map icon).pngEbonshore Plant 20
Rak Deathmane Help Rak Deathmane maintain Stonefall Estate. Rancher's Wash at Point of interest (map icon).pngStonefall Estate 21
Tigris FuryclawThe Breached Wall
(East side of The Breached Wall, along road)
Tamor Woodreave Protect Redreave Mill from Separatists. Reaper's Corridor at Waypoint (map icon).png Redreave Mill 22
Kona Timberrend Help Raintimber Mill. Nemus Groves at Point of interest (map icon).pngRaintimber Mill 23
Skulh DoomprowlerBulliyak Arsenal
(at the front gate of the Arsenal)
Mara Ripsaw Assist Bloodsaw Mill workers. South side of Sanctum Way 24
Remaris Earshot Assist the Ash Legion. North side of Sanctum Way 25

Fields of Ruin[edit]

Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location Level
Vanguard MoellerStronghold of Ebonhawke
(west of Waypoint (map icon).png Hawkgates Waypoint)
Fallen Angel Makayla Help the people of Ebonhawke. Center of Stronghold of Ebonhawke 30
Commander Varalyn Help Commander Varalyn and the Ebon Vanguard. SW corner of Stronghold of Ebonhawke 31
Foreman Boslo Help Foreman Boslo care for Blackwing Excavation. Blackwing Excavation 31
Vanguard Lieutenant BrigginsBlackwing Excavation
(along the road in Eastern Blackwing Excavation)
Vanguard Scout Holt Help the Vanguard stall the ogre advance. Hautclaire Vale 32
Vanguard Scout Pickins Harass the ogres of Foulbear Kraal. Hunter's Gorge 33
Watchman BrikkenThe Siege Plains
(just outside The Hawkgates)
Lieutenant Marrel Hold back the insurrectionists. The Siege Plains 33
Lieutenant Tyler Help pacify Tyler's Bivouac for settlers. Bento Canyon 34
Vanguard Scout MeleniVulture's Sweep
(Just North of Waypoint (map icon).png Vulture's Waypoint)
Vanguard Lieutenant Viles Support the human delegation. Southern Warrior's Crown 35
Legionnaire Crunchbone Assist the charr delegation. Northeast Warrior's Crown 36
Strategist KeeneyeWarrior's Crown
(at Point of interest (map icon).pngSummit Peak)
Rancher Jenneth Help Rosko's ranchers protect the village. Halkor Meadows 37
Iron Legion Scout Steeltooth Help the Iron Legion disrupt Renegade operations. Thunderbreak Hills 38
Sentinel FrazarThunderbreak Hills
(in the inlet on the south side of the rocky hill)
Sentinel Gristletooth Contain the growth of the Dragonbrand. Tenaebron Lake 39
Krange Lodefinder Aid the researchers in their study of the Brand. Varim's Run 40

Blazeridge Steppes[edit]

Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location Level
Specialist MorganTwin Sisters Crossing
(at Eastern portal to Fields of Ruin)
Kai Clashscorn Aid Legion and Ebon Vanguard soldiers against ogres. Twin Sisters Crossing 40
Deno Scratchback Aid Ferrusatos Village's fishing operation and help them hunt down Separatists. Splinter Hills 41
Torruh Sweptweave Help Torruh Sweptweave disrupt Separatist activities. Tumok's Last Stand 42
Sentinel Chagrin DoomchaserBlightwater Basin
(at Western portal to Fields of Ruin)
Sentinel Erria Riptongue Help Sentinels instigate fights between ghosts and the Branded. Blightwater Basin 42
Skarrah SteelhunterTumok's Last Stand
(at Waypoint (map icon).png Tumok's Waypoint)
Engineer Burlage Firestoker Help the Iron Legion protect Steeleye Span from Branded creatures. Steeleye Span 43
Sera SingeaxeSteeleye Span
(on Eastern edge of the dam)
Avarr Sneakpaw Help the Ash Legion take out ogres. Behem Gauntlet 43
Explorer RowenaPockmark Roughs
(at Southern edge of Pockmark Roughs, at fork in road.)
Scholar Olenn Help Scholar Olenn trick the grawl around the Tail of the Star God. NE corner of Pockmark Roughs 44
Historian Jinell Aid Historian Jinell's research at the Wreckage of Serenity. Deserter Flats 45
Sentinel Jaede FaithstrikerDeserter Flats
(just North of Point of interest (map icon).png Wreckage of Serenity)
Sentinel Faithspotter Help Sentinel Faithspotter deal with skritt. Ratcatcher Knoll 45
Gylarr HatebellyRatcatcher Knoll
(standing on a cliff outside cave entrance to Tongue Rock)
Sentinel Scout Liharn Help Sentinel Liharn disrupt the Inquest. Relliatus Canyon 46
Scholar MarulaRelliatus Canyon
(in the path between the canyon and the brand)
Shelp Help the peaceful ogres of Degun Shun. Unbroken Expanse 46
Crusader WulaUnbroken Expanse
(midway along the road on NE border)
Wode Help Wode with harpy research. South side of Terra Combusta 47
Hazuul FastbladeTerra Combusta
(standing on ruined walls in South)
Fina Duskmaker Join the Ash Legion of Tawny Ridge in stealth operations. Tawny Ridge 48
Jahr Duskrend Help Jahr Duskrend disrupt Separatist activities. Northern Terra Carorunda 49
Alarice the HarvesterTerra Carorunda
(at Waypoint (map icon).png Terra Carorunda Waypoint)
Fahrtak Shatterfiend Assist Sentinel forces against dragonspawn. West side of Terra Combusta 50

Iron Marches[edit]

Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location Level
Nivira WarheartHellion Forest
(at Waypoint (map icon).png Hellion Waypoint, upon entering area from Blazeridge Steppes)
Scholar Worfmir Fight life-stealing minions in Hellion Forest. Hellion Forest 50
Legionnaire Bladechipper Join the Iron Legion in tearing down the Ascalonian wall. Bloodfin Lake 51
Kennelmaster Warsnout Help Kennelmaster Warsnout track the Separatists. Sunken Halls of Clarent 52
Feritax FatalshotIronhead Lake
(at the east side of the Northern bridge)
Centurion Truthbringer Aid Centurion Truthbringer in Echoslab Arches. Echoslab Arches 53
Magister Razermane Aid Magister Razermane with the preservation of the Old Piken Ruins. Champion's Shield at Waypoint (map icon).png Old Piken Ruins 54
Elli ScalesnoutChampion's Shield
(Northeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Old Piken Ruins, standing on cliff)
Braxa Scalehunter Help Braxa Scalehunter tend to the devourer nests. Northeast Champion's Shield 54
Warden Scourgejaw Help Warden Scourgejaw run the prison quarry. Scourgejaw's Vault 55
Legionnaire Sleekfur Help the Sleekfur Warband defend the road at Soldier Mesa. Soldier Mesa 56
Sentinel TremorfistSoldier Mesa
(east of Waypoint (map icon).png Sleekfur Encampment, at fork in road)
Sentinel Staggerfoe Fight the Branded in Lake Desolann with the Sentinels. Lake Desolann 57
Sentinel Jaggedclaw Assist the Sentinels patrolling Crystalwept Groves. East side of The Granite Front 58
Naknar Help the ogres remove the Branded from their land. Ebbing Heart Run 59
Varrah MurkbiteViper's Run
(in North Viper's Run, in pass to Lake Desolann)
Helo Murkhaunt Aid the Allied Legions as they march on the Flame Legion's territory. Glory's Steps 58
Ren ShadestalkerObsidian Run
(just below the letters 'n' and 'R' on the map)
Razor Aid the Scorch Warband with their assault on the Flame Legion. Victium Moors 60

Fireheart Rise[edit]

Scout • Area Complete heart (map icon).png Goal Heart location Level
Britna CouragemindSati Passage
(Southwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Sati Waypoint)
Legionnaire Kress Rustmaw Assist with maintenance at Tuyere Command Post. Sati Passage 60
Engineer Verutum Assist Engineer Verutum. Fuller Cistern 61
Legionnaire Neverburn Clean up the Flame Legion magic. Pig Iron Mine 61
Holla CopperwieldPig Iron Mine
(West end of Waypoint (map icon).png Severed Breach)
Corva Sharpclaw Stop the Flame Legion from summoning embers. Havoc Steppes 62
Lightbringer MippaBuloh Crossing
(On mountain in NW corner of area, near vista)
Tarstar Chief Help the Tarstar tribe survive so close to Flame lands. Central Apostate Wastes 63
Wupwup Chief Help the Wupwup tribe survive so close to Flame lands. Southern Apostate Wastes 63
Nrocroc Chief Help the Nrocroc tribe survive so close to Flame lands. Northern Apostate Wastes 64
Bellator the QuietBurnt Hollow
(Inside Burnt Hollow cave)
Solita Miststalker Assist the Ash Legion soldiers of Shadow Cleft. Switchback Canyons 65
BassiHavoc Steppes
(West of Point of interest (map icon).pngHeart Speaks Not)
Enduring Protector Aid kodan refugees fleeing toward Haymal Gore. Highland Thaw 66
KarriHighland Thaw
(at Point of interest (map icon).pngHaymal Gore)
Tactician Lyan Help Pact researchers with their experimental weapons. Icespear's Shelf 67
Striga QuickstrikeIcespear's Shelf
(at Waypoint (map icon).png Snow Ridge Camp)
Brencis Quickblood Help the Ash Legion disrupt the Flame Legion. Liberation Dell 68
Sava Quicksnarl Help the Ash Legion strike at the heart of the Flame Legion. Simurgh Timberland 69