Tigris Furyclaw

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Tigris Furyclaw


Interactive map

Tigris Furyclaw is the scout for the Reaper's Corridor and Nemus Groves areas in Diessa Plateau. She is on the east side of The Breached Wall area, along the road.


Scouting report[edit]

Our mills produce lumber for the legions, and that makes them easy targets for Separatists. Furthermore, as we cut down trees, we disturb hostile wildlife. We've stationed guards at every mill, but they're not enough. Help them out, so we can keep feeding the war machine.

— Tigris Furyclaw

Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Tasks scouted[edit]

Level Name Renown NPC Location
22 Protect Redreave Mill from Separatists Tamor Woodreave Reaper's Corridor
23 Help Raintimber Mill Kona Timberrend Nemus Groves


Complete heart (map icon).png You back? Or have you been here all along? People are still talking about what you did around here. I figure they'll remember your name for a long time.
Talk end option tango.png Just doing my duty. Good-bye.