Tyranea the Unyielding

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Tyranea the Unyielding


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Tyranea the Unyielding is the scout for the Ascalon City Ruins area in the Plains of Ashford. She can be found in the Phasmatis Corridor area next to the Phasmatis Waypoint.

Scouting report[edit]

Welcome to Ascalon City. We're still fighting a battle hundreds of years old, to reclaim our rightful lands. Something has to be done to drive the ghosts out, for good.

— Tyranea the Unyielding

Incomplete heart (map icon).png Tasks scouted[edit]

Level Name Renown NPC Location
14 Help Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler retake Ascalon City Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler Ascalon City Ruins
15 Help Sagum Relicseeker with his research Sagum Relicseeker The Toppled Wall


Tyranea the Unyielding cheers for <Character name>.
Complete heart (map icon).png <Character name>, you've shown yourself to be a real ghost fighter. But don't stop here, continue to kill ghosts wherever you find them.
Talk end option tango.png It'd be my pleasure.


After completing all associated Renown Hearts
Those ghosts will soon be a thing of the past. You have been a great help!