Support the human delegation

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Support the human delegation

Warrior's Crown
(Fields of Ruin)
Renown NPC
Vanguard Lieutenant Viles
Human soldier's helped.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Vanguard Scout Meleni
1 Silver coin 65 Copper coin
330 Karma
1,912 Experience.png

Interactive map

Keep the camp safe, discover spies and remove the wasps.

— Heart objective

Support the human delegation is a renown heart in Warrior's Crown, Fields of Ruin.


Contributing actions[edit]

  • Collect Yellow Gentian Flowers from Peculiar Yellow Flower plants and return to Vanguard Lieutenant Viles — 1% heart progress
  • Turn in Yellow Gentian Flowers to the Priestess of Dwayna — 3% heart progress
    • Administer treatment to feverish soldiers — 5% heart progress
  • Defeat Separatist forces in the area — 5% heart progress
  • Find Separatist spies disguised as Ebon Vanguard — 3% heart progress
  • Defeat Separatist thieves and return the stolen supplies to Vanguard Lieutenant Viles — 5% heart progress
  • Smash Angry Wasp Nests — 4% heart progress
  • Smash Suspicious Barrels — 5% heart progress
  • Revive fallen Ebon Vanguard — 5% heart progress

Contributing events[edit]

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

A Heartfelt Thanks

The peace summit has been approached timidly by both sides, neither knowing if they could truly trust the other. Your work has allowed the delegation members to see that they can meet each other as equals and as allies. Your efforts here will not be forgotten.

Vanguard Lieutenant Viles

You get:
1 Silver coin 65 Copper coin 330 Karma 1,912 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Vanguard Lieutenant Viles