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Naknar is a Renown Heart NPC in the Ebbing Heart Run area of Iron Marches. Aiding her in the fight against the Branded will unlock various items in exchange for karma.

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Measuring Spoon.png Ogre Gruel Spoon Accessory CFine 59 448 Karma.png
Measuring Spoon.png Ogre Gruel Spoon Accessory DMasterwork 59 896 Karma.png
Chickpeas in Bulk.png Chickpeas in Bulk Container BBasic 112 Karma.png
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Minotaur Steak Recipe sheet CFine 28 Karma.png
Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle.png Mithril Harvesting Sickle Harvesting sickle BBasic 45 140 Karma.png
Steam Mace.png Naknar's Mace Mace CFine 59 357 Karma.png
Steam Mace.png Naknar's Mace of Force Mace DMasterwork 59 714 Karma.png


Before completion
Incomplete heart (map icon).png
Branded spawn trespasses on ogre land, but my clan is hunting them. We will take our land back from them.
Talk more option tango.png
How can I help your clan?
Incomplete heart (map icon).png
Slay the crystal filth. Kill whatever gets caught inside our traps. Destroy their nests and eggs. And if any hunter falters, get them back in fight.
Talk end option tango.png
You got it.
Talk end option tango.png
Good luck.
After completion
Complete heart (map icon).png
You helped our clan. One day this land will belong to ogres once more! I owe you thanks outsider.
Do you owe me enough to share your treasures?
Talk end option tango.png
Happy to help.