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Herald of Balthazar

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There's little I hold in higher regard than loyalty.

Herald of Balthazar

The Herald of Balthazar is the champion of the Forged army. Her role in the Forged is to speak for Balthazar and to lead his campaign against the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, as well as to persuade the Pact Commander to join the ranks of Balthazar's army. Cold and calculating, the Herald of Balthazar will not hesitate to slaughter anyone standing in her and her master's way.


Early years[edit]

In life, the Herald of Balthazar was once Devona, born in Rin and daughter of Mordakai who fought in the Third Guild War and died in 1052 AE in the Battle of Khylo, when Devona was five.[1] Always inspired by her father, she became a captain of the Ascalon Army at the age of 22 prior to the Searing in 1070 AE. Like her father, she had joined the Ascalon's Chosen guild.[2] During her service as captain, she was in charge of protecting the village of Ashford from threats, primarily dealing with grawl and bandits.[3][4] She even spent time teaching Gwen, still a child, how to fight.[5] Following the Searing, she became known for fighting off entire charr warbands with only a little support.[6] During these times, she joined with Mhenlo, Cynn, Aidan in fighting against the charr. At one point, the group was being chased by charr through a graveyard, where they first encountered Eve who would then join them on their adventures.[7] When Prince Rurik was exiled from Ascalon by his father in 1072 AE, Devona and her friends joined the Ascalonian migration to Kryta, during which they had to deal with the Stone Summit while uncertain of the Deldrimor dwarves' friendliness,[8] and hunted down deserters.[9] After arriving in Kryta, the group got involved with the White Mantle, protecting the Scepter of Orr and Temple of the Unseen from undead and being tasked with performing the test of the Chosen in Loamhurst[10] When Markis betrayed the Shining Blade, the group fled to the Crystal Desert seeking Ascension.[11] After Ascending, they fought against the White Mantle, their Mursaat masters, and eventually killed Vizier Khilbron atop the Bloodstone at the Ring of Fire alongside the Hero of Ascalon.

Later that year, Mhenlo received a letter from Master Togo requesting assistance. When asked if she'd join, she replied that there was no question about it, as loyalty demanded she joined him. While in Cantha, she often butted heads with both Mhenlo and Togo due to her nature and experience in leading the group, despite being unfamiliar with Cantha, and she was often at odds with both Cynn and Lo Sha.[12] She assisted Mhenlo and the Hero of Cantha in recruiting the Kurzicks to their aide, and helped in confronting Shiro Tagachi and saving Emperor Kisu's life, though Master Togo died in the effort.

In 1075 AE, Devona was among the Tyrians to respond to Kormir's call for assisstance after a group of torment demons invaded Lion's Arch.[13] After the failed assault on Gandara, the Moon Fortress, Devona assisted the Hero of Nightfall and the Sunspears in recruiting the Velderunner centaurs, and Order of Whispers, and Vabbian Princes to their cause attempting to stop Varesh Ossa in calling forth Nightfall and freeing Abaddon. This conflict eventually led to a confrontation in the Realm of Torment against Abaddon himself, his defeat giving way to Kormir ascending as a new Goddess of Truth.[14]

When sudden earthquakes occurred across Kryta in 1078 AE, Devona and her friends investigated a crevasse that appeared outside Lion's Arch, where they encountered destroyers for the first time and fled to the Far Shiverpeaks. While the group assisted the Hero in recruiting the Ebon Vanguard, asura, and norn in fighting the destroyers, she partook in Magni the Bison's fighting tournament. Though allied with Pyre Fierceshot and his warband as allies against the destroyers, she could not forgive the charr for the war in Ascalon.[15] After The Great Destroyer's destruction, Devona had begun contemplating retiring,[16] and a year later at Gwen and Kieran Thackeray's wedding, once more considered settling down.[17] It is unknown if she ever did, or lived the rest of her life adventuring.

Following the end of her mortal life, Devona's spirit entered the Mists and fought against the Shadow Army of Balthazar's half-brother Menzies during the Eternal Battle. She was inspired to join the Eternal Army by the leader of a battalion of Eternals in the Burning Forest of the Fissure of Woe.[18]

Path of Fire[edit]

At an unknown point in time after Balthazar had broken free from the Mists where the other gods had left him imprisoned, the disgraced God of War sought out his Eternals, including Devona. He drafted them into his new Forged army to aid him in his quest for revenge against the gods and to absorb the magic of the Elder Dragons to achieve his ends. Balthazar placed the souls of his spirit followers into special armor that allowed them to serve him as physical entities in the corporeal world. Those who did not join the former god's cause willingly were tortured into submission, and even Devona got to witness her master's wrath until she would follow his orders without question.[19]

While the leader of the battalion who had inspired Devona to join the Eternal Army became a Forged general who would lead Balthazar's forces in the south of the Crystal Desert, Devona was chosen to become the Herald of Balthazar and aid in drafting more people into the Forged either by persuasion or force. She fulfilled her duties diligently and without mercy, killing anyone who tried to resist her master, thus increasing the number of souls Balthazar could harvest for his army. She named her hammer Mordakai in honor of her father.

In 1330 AE, the Pact Commander arrived to the Crystal Oasis and witnessed the Herald's raiding party attacking a nearby village. The Herald offered the Commander a chance to join Balthazar's army, but the two ended up fighting when the Commander refused her offer. She, in turn, ignored the Commander's suggestion to stop being Balthazar's puppet and eventually left, promising to meet with the Commander again.

The second encounter took place in the Temple of Kormir after the Herald had learned of the Commander's party raiding one of the Forged war camps. The Commander ignored the Herald's offers once more and fought against her to prevent her from killing the people in the temple. Facing fierce resistance from Dragon's Watch, Shadows Agent Kito and the locals, the Herald was forced to flee through a portal.

The Herald accompanied a battalion of Forged troops to the Desert Highlands where they and Balthazar fought against Vlast, one of the scions of Glint whose power Balthazar needed to take down the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. Although Vlast initially defended himself against the Forged, Balthazar and the Herald eventually cornered him at Godfall Tower and struck him down. While the God of War faced the dragon, the Herald confronted the Commander's party who had arrived on the scene.

The Commander ultimately prevailed in the battle. The fatally wounded Herald, who was already struggling with the atrocities she had committed in the name of Balthazar, realized the strength and dedication of her opposition and that the Commander might be able to end Balthazar's bloody campaign. With her dying breath the Herald urged the Commander to prove that they were stronger than Balthazar and kill the rogue God of War.

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Resilient
  • Explosive Strikes
  • Flame Shield

DefianceLocked defiance bar
DefianceDefiance bar teal.png - Only during The Sacrifice

  • Fiery Swing - Default melee attack. Is followed up by a Fiery Slash.
  • Fiery Slash - Melee attack.
  • Herald's Doom - Very high damaging hammer attack with a cone-shaped area of effect and a long activation time.
Additional skills during The Sacrifice
  • Fiery Bolt - Ranged fireball attack that inflicts Burning.png Burning.
  • Fire Storm - Channels a circular spinning wall of flame.
  • Firewave - Small explosion. Most of the combat area will be covered in Firewaves while Fire Storm is channeled.
  • Flame Wreath - Creates a circular trap that knocks down when crossing it's boundary.
Stolen skills

Related achievements[edit]


  • The text of the Strange Burning Scrolls during the Night of Fires instance, and the weapon of choice, led many players to believe the Herald was Devona. In Guild Chat Episode 56, Bobby Stein confirmed that the Herald was a character met in Guild Wars and that one of her lines is near verbatim from Guild Wars. This line is "There's little I hold in higher regard than loyalty." which is part of what Devona says as a henchman in Guild Wars Prophecies towns and outposts, the full dialogue being "When I was young, my father was a member of Ascalon's Chosen. Now I too am a member of that same guild. There is nothing I won't do for my comrades, no risk I won't take for a friend. There is little I hold in higher regard than loyalty."
  • In Guild Chat Episode 59, Path of Fire Story Design Lead Matthew Medina confirmed that the Herald of Balthazar was indeed Devona from Guild Wars although the Herald's ultimate identity was not finalized until later stages of the development of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.
  • The Herald's hammer is named Mordakai after her father. Originally the final battle with the Herald involved her dropping her hammer and the player picking it up and hitting her with it, but the battle underwent changes, and the idea was dropped.

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