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Diviner's Reach

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Diviner's Reach

1Complete heart (map icon).png 1Waypoint (map icon).png 1Point of interest (map icon).png

Diviner's Reach map.jpg
Map of Diviner's Reach

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Desert Highlands
(Crystal Desert)
Connects to
Prophet's Fall (E)
Salt Flats (N)
Crystal Oasis (S)

Diviner's Reach.jpg

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The Diviner's Reach is an area within the Desert Highlands. An outpost has been established there by the Free City of Amnoon Cavaliers to guard the path linking the highlands to the Crystal Oasis.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the Makali community (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Makali Outpost Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Makali Outpost
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Path of Fire).png Desert Highlands Insight: Makali Outpost





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Scout (map icon).png Cavalier Scout Nuri
Merchant (vendor icon).png Johd
Merchant (vendor icon).png Ouna
Renown Heart (map icon).png Tendaji
Bounty Board (map icon).png Order of Shadows Agent


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Vega: We made it, Labib! And we managed to avoid the Forged. Didn't I say we'd be fine?
Labib: Moo.
Vega: All right. Let's see if we can find a shady spot to ply our trade. That sound good, boy?
Labib: Moo.
Nomad (1): Thank Kormir our ogre friends are holding their own in the north.
Nomad (1): I'm not sure what we would do without their surplus water.
Nomad (2): I don't know how the ogres do it. It's bad enough for us here without the Branded wandering through.
Near the Bounty Board
Order of Shadows Agent: Reports of creatures driven insane by ley energy are coming from all over. Are you going to help?
Order of Shadows Agent: Jacaranda on the bounty board! Who will take it on?
Order of Shadows Agent: There's a bounty on Wayfarer? He seemed so friendly! Must be the ley energy.
Order of Shadows Agent: Think you're tough? Show the world! Claim the bounty on the terrible Awakened occultist.
Order of Shadows Agent: Grinteeth the hyena's got a taste for blood. Take his contract and hunt him down.
Order of Shadows Agent: Snag Seizeclaw's been causing trouble. Get him before someone else claims all the glory.
Order of Shadows Agent: If you consider yourself a hero, take a look at the bounty for the Forged Tormentor.
Outside the Makali Outpost
Cavalier Water Collector: Can't keep going...
Cavalier Water Collector: (groan) Dizzy...