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Ambient dialogue for Vigil Keep from previous Living World releases can be found here.

During Battle for Lion's Arch[edit]

Between Lionguard Jirtta and Evon Gnashblade
Evon Gnashblade: I warned Magnus. And Kiel! I warned everyone that Scarlet would attack the city.
Evon Gnashblade: And did the Council has listen? No! Because of them, your friends, your neighbors, are now dead.
Evon Gnashblade: Now I know why he's called Magnus the Bloody-Handed: The blood of all the innocent Lion Archians is on his hands.
Lionguard Jirtta: Evon Gnashblade?
Evon Gnashblade: What is it? Shouldn't you be failing at your job somewhere?
Lionguard Jirtta: You've been hereby conscripted into Lionguard service under General Emergency Statute 14.
Evon Gnashblade: You're joking. Someone tell me this sorry idiot is playing a joke on me.
Lionguard Jirtta: For the duration of the emergency, you and Black Lion Trading Post agents will act as deputy quartermasters outfitting all active personnel.
Evon Gnashblade: And what if I refuse? What if I pull up stakes and leave you suckers in the dust?
Lionguard Jirtta: Considering you are now technically a Lionguard supply officer, desertion would mean confiscation of your wares and summary execution.
Evon Gnashblade: So, it's either get robbed blind by you Lionguard or get hanged?
Lionguard Jirtta: Firing squad, actually. And it's not "you" or "us" anymore, Quartermaster Gnashblade.
Lionguard Jirtta: Speaking of which, we need two dozen swords, a dozen axes, twenty shields, and forty rifles.
Evon Gnashblade: (grumble)
Evon Gnashblade: Just tell me one thing. Kiel—she's dead, right? C'mon, give a guy good news.
Lionguard Jirtta: She and Captain Magnus are at a relief camp to the south. And your deputizing was Captain Kiel's idea.
Evon Gnashblade: Of course it was.