Dawn (NPC)

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Dawn's old appearance.

Interactive map

Dawn is a Zephyrite found in Labyrinthine Cliffs.


Maguuma Jungle


I don't remember the Labyrinthine Cliffs being quite so humid... though I suppose anything would feel that way after a few years in Dry Top.
Talk more option tango.png You were on the Zephyr Sanctum when it went down?
It was the most horrifying experience of my life. Fire, free falling... I was fortunate enough to have gotten caught in one of the sails on the way down.
Talk end option tango.png I know it's been hard since then. Please, enjoy the festival.
Talk end option tango.png Dry Top certainly earns its name, yes.

Historical dialogue[edit]

I can feel the air down here wringing all the moisture from my skin. Just look at this flaking!
Talk more option tango.png You're used to more humidity?
We live in the clouds. My body is used to being surrouded by water vapor. I just couldn't get used to the dry air here.
Talk end option tango.png It's a good thing you didn't land in Elona.
Talk end option tango.png Um, no thanks.