Phoenix Dawn Ordnance Officer

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The Phoenix Dawn Ordnance Officer is a member of the Lionguard found aboard the Phoenix Dawn at the Bazaar Docks during the Festival of the Four Winds.


Maguuma Jungle


Commander! Welcome aboard the Phoenix Dawn. I don't get any visitors down here. Did you need something blown up?
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Not at the moment. I think this area's safe now.
Safe? Psh! Are we ever really safe? Between the Elder Dragons, rogue human gods, and a hundred other world-ending threats we probably don't event know about, I'm not dropping my guard anytime soon.
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I see. Well, I appreciate how...diligently you perform your duty.
Oh, I have to be diligent. See, ever since I was a kid, I've been perfecting my own propellant formulas. You know, to pack as much punch as I can into every shot.
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Interesting. How well do they work? (If the player character is an engineer)
Well, in theory they work perfectly. And to be honest, if the last two catastrophes—I mean, inconclusive tests—are any indication, it isn't quite ready for market.
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Hm. Well, good luck on that.
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I should leave you to your work.
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Probably a good plan, all told. Take care.
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Uh, as you were, officer.