Well of Corruption

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Well of Corruption.png

Well of Corruption

0.25¼ Activation time  40 Recharge time  4 Hero point  Ground-targeted  

Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Necromancer (skill list)
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Target area pulses, converting boons on foes into conditions

 Damage.png Damage (6x): 798 (3.0)?
 Miscellaneous effect.png Life Force: 1%
 Miscellaneous effect.png Number of Targets: 5
 Miscellaneous effect.png Pulse: 1 s
 Duration.png Duration: 5s
 Radius.png Radius: 240
 Combo.png Combo Field: Dark
 Range.png Range: 900
 Miscellaneous effect.png Unblockable

— In-game description [?]


  • Converts one boon into condition per second.
  • Boons are converted as follows:
Boon Condition
Aegis 40px.png Aegis Burning 40px.png Burning (1 stack, 3 s)
Fury 40px.png Fury Blind 40px.png Blind (5 s)
Might 40px.png Might Weakness 40px.png Weakness (10 s)
Protection 40px.png Protection Vulnerability 40px.png Vulnerability (3 stacks, 10 s)
Quickness 40px.png Quickness Slow 40px.png Slow (3 s)
Regeneration 40px.png Regeneration Poison 40px.png Poison (10 s)
Resistance 40px.png Resistance Chilled 40px.png Chilled (3 s)
Retaliation 40px.png Retaliation Confusion 40px.png Confusion (3 stacks, 5 s)
Stability 40px.png Stability Fear 40px.png Fear (1 s)
Swiftness 40px.png Swiftness Crippled 40px.png Crippled (10 s)
Vigor 40px.png Vigor Bleeding 40px.png Bleeding (3 stacks, 10 s)
  • Well of Corruption's signature sound starts with a louder gasp of breath from Necrotic Grasp, then faint wails after.

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Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
February 22, 2017
  • Fixed a bug that caused wells to display their effects incorrectly while under the effects of quickness or slow.
April 19, 2016
  • Well of Corruption has undergone an audio rework to make it sound like it is bursting from the ground, better matching its visual effects.
October 23, 2015 Heart of Thorns release:
  • Added a missing skill fact for life-force gain per hit.
June 23, 2015 Specialization update:
  • Well skills now use ground targeting by default. When used underwater, wells cast at the player's location.
June 25, 2013
  • Reduced the cooldown to 40 seconds.
April 30, 2013
  • Updated damage skill fact to indicate the correct number of attacks.
February 26, 2013
  • This skill's icon is now the same whether or not the Focused Rituals trait is equipped.
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Well of Corruption has been added to the game.