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Range is a property of many skills that defines the distance at which a skill can successfully connect to its target. The radius or area of effect define area over which a skill's effects are applied. Distance is defined in terms of units, which are essentially equivalent to inches.[1]

  • Range Range is used by most skills, skills without a range normally take effect at the user's position.
  • Radius Radius is used by skills with circular area of effect which displays the radius of the area of effect created from its centerpoint.

Attack range[edit]

Attack skills which target an enemy directly will miss and deal no damage should the target be outside of their maximum range. Area of effect skills will not technically miss, but they will not hit either unless they are targeted at the location of targets or if the targets move to the area of effect during its duration.

Most attacks can be activated even if the user is not in appropriate range; however, some skills which specifically target an enemy (such as most shadowstepping skills) cannot be activated outside of the attack range. To indicate that a target is out of range, a red bar appears below the skill icons on the skill bar. Activating any skill while out of range and moving closer to the target while the skill is still being activated allows the skill to hit normally as long as the target is in the range when the skill would connect.

Attacks commonly defined as melee attacks made with martial weapons such as axes or swords can hit multiple foes at once, provided they are within the range of the attack used, effectively allowing skills like Sever Artery or Wrathful Strike to properly trigger their effects for each foe hit by the attack. However, this varies greatly depending on the skills used. Most melee attacks can hit up to three enemies if they are close to each other and the attacker.

Ranged attacks which produce projectiles can miss due to the need to travel to their target; they can become obstructed by terrain or destroyed by specific skills which block or reflect projectiles. Projectile attacks can also hit other enemies instead of their intended target; piercing attacks can circumvent this restriction and will hit any enemies behind or in front of the initial target, up to the maximum range of the attack.

Related traits[edit]

Traits that increase range[edit]


  • The June 23, 2015 update removed many individual traits that affected the range of skills.


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