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Frequently Asked Questions

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Guild Wars 2 frequently asked questions
Info-Logo.png Note: This is a community-made FAQ based on information from interviews and other official sources. For an ArenaNet-made FAQ, see their website page.
Please note that this isn't a page to ask questions, and that most answers are already here.


[edit] General Questions

Will there be a subscription fee?

No. There is no monthly subscription fee. Once you purchase the box or a game key, you are free to play as much as you want.

Will there be micro-transactions or things to buy which don't come with the box, like character slots?

Yes. The game includes micro-transactions via the Gem Shop. Items that can be purchased via the gem shop are cosmetic, intended to provide a convenience or are account services, such as adding character & bag slots. Gem shop items will not offer any substantial gameplay advantage over those available through the investment of time. You will also be able to trade coin, earned in-game, for gems that other players spent cash to buy.

Isn't ArenaNet going to ruin the game by making their game more like all the other MMORPGs?

No. ArenaNet has specifically said that they are not trying to make another World of Warcraft clone. Their core ideals of accessibility, playing how you want to play, the ability to play with your friends, and not having to wait until maximum level to 'begin playing the game' have been prominently mentioned in the press for the game. The game also does not use the conventional "Holy Trinity" system of DPS, healer, and tank, but instead uses a damage, control, and support system. [1]

I've got this great idea for GW2, where should I post it?

The only place ArenaNet can legally take player suggestions is the feedback area on the Guild Wars Wiki. Head over there, create an account, and post your ideas. Don't forget to review other players' suggestions, too.

What if my question is not answered in this FAQ?

Check the Guild Wars 2 article or use the search feature to look for more details here on the wiki. If you are sure the information is not available here, ask your question on this article's talk page.

Where can I get more information about Guild Wars 2?

Start with the official website, official twitter account, and official facebook page. This wiki's main page includes links to the latest news and an article with links to various interviews. Plenty of fansites also publish speculations and unconfirmed details.

Is there going to be an official game guide?

Yes. An official strategy guide has been published by Brady Games. You can order your copy from here.

Will there be custom Guild Wars 2 peripherals, such as keyboards and mice?

Yes. Currently you can purchase a keyboard, mouse, headset and three different mousepads produced by SteelSeries. You can see and order them on their official website

Will there be any buy able expansion that brings in new race and classes? -->

[edit] Release and testing

When is Guild Wars 2 going to be released?

August 28th, 2012 (official announcement)

Can I be part of the beta testing?

No. The public beta testing is over and the game has been released in August 28th, 2012.

What events have already taken place?
  • The first public beta weekend event ran from Friday, April 27th at noon PDT (UTC-7) to Sunday, April 29th 11:59 p.m. PDT (UTC-7).[2]
  • There was a server stress test on May 14th from 11:00 AM through 6:00 PM PST. [3]
  • The second public beta weekend event ran from Friday, June 8, at noon PDT (UTC-7) to Sunday, June 10, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (UTC-7)[4]
  • A second server test took place on June 27th from 10:00 AM through 3:00 PM PDT (UTC-7), although it was originally scheduled to run until only 2 pm.[5]
  • The third and final public beta weekend event ran from Friday, July 20 at noon PDT (UTC-7) to Sunday, July 22, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (UTC-7).
  • There was a stress test between the hours of 12PM PST - 4PM PST on August 2, 2012.
  • There was a stress test between the hours of 12PM PST - 4PM PST on August 9, 2012.
  • There was a stress test between the hours of 4PM PST - 8PM PST on August 10, 2012.
  • There was a stress test between the hours of 12PM PST - 1PM PST on August 12, 2012.
  • There was a stress test between the hours of 12PM PST - 4PM PST on August 15, 2012.
  • There was a stress test between the hours of 12PM PST - 6PM PST on August 22, 2012.
Are there any remaining events?

None are known. It seems unlikely there will be more.

Will there be a demo for Guild Wars 2?

There have been demos at various game conventions. Currently, there is no other way to play, outside of the planned events described above.

What languages will be supported? Will there be different servers for different languages?

English, Spanish, German, French, and other yet-unspecified European languages will be supported when the game launches.[6][7] ArenaNet has not stated whether voice work will be translated into every language. Support for Asian languages will be added later.

Will Guild Wars 2 have stand-alone campaigns?

No. ArenaNet has decided to do away with the system used in Guild Wars, since it tends to split the community and requires redundant tutorial systems. Instead, the developers will add new content via some type of expansion mechanism.[8]

[edit] Original Guild Wars

So what was wrong with the original Guild Wars?

The development team at ArenaNet realized, at the time they started work on the fourth Guild Wars campaign, that there were so many things they wanted to do but couldn't fit into the existing game. They decided that making Guild Wars 2 was the best way for them to do what they wanted to the game.

Can I keep on playing Guild Wars?

Yes. ArenaNet has stated that the Guild Wars servers will stay open after GW2 is released. There will continue to be special events and patches for players who stay playing Guild Wars.[9]

Are there going to be any more expansions for Guild Wars?

ArenaNet has already released some small expansions that help bridge the gap in the story between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2; these do not require purchase to access. A third storyline has been plotted, but has not been scheduled for development. Full, purchasable expansions haven't been entirely ruled out, but they seem unlikely.

Can I transfer a Guild Wars character to Guild Wars 2?

No, character transfers between the games are not possible.

However, you can reserve your existing Guild Wars character names for use in Guild Wars 2.[10]

How do I reserve the character names I'm using in Guild Wars for use in Guild Wars 2?
  1. Reserve names by logging on to Guild Wars at any time after January 1, 2012 and before the name reservation list is built (the exact date will announced a few weeks before launch).
  2. Link your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts.
  3. Create a Guild Wars 2 character using the name(s) from your Guild Wars account. This step must be done during the Headstart Access period or on launch day. [10]
What happens if I don't reserve the name before the name reservation list is build, I don't link my accounts, or I don't use the name by the end of launch day?

After launch day, all remaining names will lose their reservation and become available to all Guild Wars 2 players.[10]

Will anything transfer from Guild Wars besides character names?

Yes, if you link your accounts, your Guild Wars in-game achievements recorded in the Hall of Monuments will be translated into special titles, animal companions, miniatures, an exclusive armor set, and one exclusive skin for each type of weapon. For further reference, see the article on the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator or refer to the Hall of Monuments article.

Are Hall of Monuments achievements by character or by account?

By account. A player may link a Guild Wars 2 account to a Guild Wars account using an in-game item in Guild Wars 2. All characters on the account will then be able to access the rewards from the Hall of Monuments.[11]

[edit] Technical stuff

What are the specs for running GW2?

The minimum requirements are:[12]

  • Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI Radeon™ X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
  • 25 GB available HDD space
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Keyboard and mouse

ArenaNet reserves the right to update these requirements, depending on changes to the game. This might require that a small number of players upgrade or replace their system to continue playing.[12]

Can I play on dial-up?

No. You must have a broadband connection, i.e. a DSL or cable connection.

Will I need DirectX 10 to play?

No. Only DirectX 9 is required. However, DirectX 10 is supported. [13]

Will I be able to play the game on a Mac or Linux PC?

Mac - Yes, ArenaNet has just released a beta client for OS X; Linux - Not officially. ArenaNet has not given any indication that they will offer support for those platforms. A number of players have installed Guild Wars 2 on Wine and successfully participated in one or more Beta Weekend Events.

Will I be able to play the game on a console?

No. There are no plans to implement the idea. However, a small team is exploring the possibility.[14]

Will there be an internal voice chat client?

Not at this time. ArenaNet has mentioned the idea, but never released any specifics about it.

Will I be able to use add-ons to alter the interface of my client?

Not officially. As with the original Guild Wars, neither ArenaNet nor NCSoft support the use of third party software with GW2; any problems that you have as a result of doing so must be resolved on your own.

In addition, players must take care that they are always in compliance with the terms and conditions of the End User Licensing Agreement. The companies reserve the right to suspend or ban accounts that are found to be using software that gives an unfair advantage to players.

Will there be a way to play custom music to replace the standard music?
Primary article: customized soundtrack

Yes. The soundtrack can be altered with customized playlists and audio files. You can also choose to replace some music in certain situations (e.g. during combat), but not in others. I don't know why you might want to since the music is quite epic.

Will you be able to play if your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements?

Possibly. Depending on your computer's hardware you may experience reduced performance, visual artifacts, and/or crashes.

Why are are all updates at least 48MB in size?
Any time the game patches, it requires downloading 8 content files for a total of 48MB in addition to any changes made to the game.

[edit] Servers/Worlds

Are there going to be different servers?
Primary article: World

Yes. When you log into the game for the first time, you will have the opportunity to choose your home world, which you will represent during World versus World.[15]

Can I play on a server outside of my region?

Yes. If you do so, you will be logged out briefly while the game moves your account to the new region.

Can I change servers?

Yes. You can change your home world. There will be a limit of one such transfer every seven days per account; each transfer will cost 1,800 gems. After a transfer, all existing and future characters on your account will play in the new world.

I'm on one server, but my friend is on another. Can we play together?
Primary article: Guesting

Yes. Guesting allows you to participate in PvE content on an alternative server. However, you can only participate in WvW via your home world.

How many people are there going to be in each world/server/instance?

Each world will host "many thousands" at a time. There is a limit per map in the world, although ArenaNet has offered a specific number. Each World versus World map is going to support up to 500 players.[16]

[edit] Gameplay

Will my character be able to jump without the emote?

Yes. Your character will be able to jump as a movement mechanic. Jumping off cliffs and up platforms is also possible, though long jumps can damage your character and jumps from higher distances can be fatal.

Will my character be able to fly?


Will map travel stay in the game?

Yes. You will be able to instantly travel to any discovered waypoint.

  • There is a coin fee for using waypoints.
  • It is only a few coins to travel a short distance.
  • The larger the distance between your current location and the waypoint, the larger the cost.
  • The cost will also increase as you reach higher levels.
  • Asura gates are also available as part of the map travel network and they are free to use. Lion's Arch contains asura gates to the main cities of all five races.
Will there be mounts?

No. For traveling long distance, the game will offer the two types of teleports above (waypoints and asura gates), but the initial release does not have any other methods, i.e. there are no mounts or ships.[18]

Will there be henchmen or heroes?

No. There will be no henchmen or heroes. The companion system mentioned in early interviews about Guild Wars 2 has been discarded.[19]

What types of armor and weapons will there be?
  • There are three types of armor classes: light, medium, and heavy.
  • The Weapon(s) a character chooses to use, now determines a player's first five skills. Changing the weapon set will offer a new set of five skills.
  • The game includes weapon types new to the Guild Wars universe: mace, pistol, rifle, torch, two-handed sword, and warhorn. As well as, underwater specific weapons: harpoon gun, spear, and trident.
  • Both armor and weapons are upgradable and stats can be transferred between items using a Transmutation Stone.
Will armor affect my stats?

Yes. Armor will affect your stats and boost your attributes, depending on upgrades and bonuses. Each piece of armor also has a minimum required level in order to use it, with those specified for higher levels offering better bonuses.

Will armor sets from harder areas be better than commonly acquired armor of the same level?

No. The appearance of the armor has nothing to do with its quality. A set of level 30 scholar's armor from a city vendor, will offer the same potential benefits as a set of level 30 armor obtained from a dungeon. The difficulty of an area is not directly tied to the quality of the armor. However... some of the more interesting skins are only available in more difficult areas, such as dungeons.

What about weapons, will they be stronger when they're harder to obtain?

No. Similar to armor, the difficulty of the area determines what the weapons look like, but not how powerful they are. Weapons specified for higher level characters will offer better bonuses.

What sort of loot do I get?

There are several types of rewards available in the game.

  • Foes will drop loot.
  • Events rewards karma and coin, both of which can be used to purchase items later. Players are rewarded based on participation, so even if the event's objectives are not met, players will still receive a reward.
  • Tokens are awarded after completing a Dungeon, allowing players to choose their reward.
  • Other activities offer unique cosmetic rewards, such as armor or weapon skins.
  • Achievements give cosmetic titles to display under your name.
  • Completing feats will reward experience and coin.

[edit] Character

Primary article: Character
How many character slots are available to a brand new account?

Players start with five character slots. Players can purchase additional slots through the gem store.

Will I need to have special PvP-only or PvE-only characters?

No. One character can participate in everything that GW2 has to offer; there is only one type of character.

  • Every type of PvP gameplay is available immediately after the very short introduction area.
  • In structured PvP, all skills and equipment available for your profession and race, are automatically unlocked for the duration of that battle.
  • In World vs World, you will use the gear, skills and traits that you have unlocked via playing in WvW and/or PvE.
Do I need to play PvE in order to unlock content for my PvP character?

No. See above.

How can my L2 character participate in structured PvP?

In sPvP, your character is scaled up to the maximum level, and all of your skills/traits are unlocked. Skills and stats obtained in this way are only temporary and will be lost upon leaving structured PvP. The sPvP lobby area offers attack dummies, so that you can familiarize yourself with the various upgrades, skills, and trait builds.

Will I be able to get good loot if I only play WvW?

Yes. During World vs World, enemy players and NPCs killed will "drop" armor and weapons for all players who contributed to the kill. These drops are generated by the game. They are not items drawn from the dead player's inventory. All armor and weapons dropped will be appropriate for the level of the character receiving the drop, allowing a character to viably raise their level and gear through WvW alone.[20]

[edit] Levels

Primary article: Level
What is the level cap?


How will my level 5 character play with my friends who are level 70?

For PvE, Guild Wars 2 uses a dynamic level adjustment system that scales high level characters down to match the area in which they play. This ensures that a higher level character never feels that a level is too easy for them to return to, making all content, "end-game" content. Additionally, a higher level character can not grief lower level areas, by killing every thing in sight. In World vs World and structured PvP, all characters will be scaled to level 80, however only sPvP characters will also see their weapons scaled up.

Will players of much higher level be able to steal kills from me?

No. There is no kill stealing in Guild Wars. Everyone receives the same opportunity to receive rewards, kills, or harvest from nodes. If multiple players kill a monster together, each will receive credit for killing it.

Will there be a hard "grind" to reach the level cap?

No. The time needed to level up should always be about the same and never exceed 90 minutes.[21]

[edit] Playable races

Primary article: Playable race
What are the races I can play in Guild Wars 2?

There are five races planned for the initial release: asura, charr, human, norn, and sylvari.

Will there be any other races?

ArenaNet has said that they plan to add other playable races, sometime in the future.[22]

Will races get race specific characteristics?

Yes. There are appearance differences and unique customization options for each race. Each race comes with a number of racial skills which give them a unique flavor. For example, the norn will be able to shapeshift into animal forms and the asura will be able to use golems. These utility skills are weaker than equivalent skills provided by a profession.[23] ArenaNet wants the choice of race to have a significant effect on gameplay but, at the same time, for races to be equally effective at playing all professions; for this reason, there are no racial traits.

[edit] Professions

Primary article: Profession
What professions are there going to be?

There will be 8 professions in the initial release of Guild Wars 2.

  • Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian —master of protection; guardians use virtues that enhance their attacks and defenses until sacrificed to aid allies.
  • Warrior tango icon 20px.png Warrior —master of weapons; warriors use adrenaline to fuel powerful burst skills and can wield the widest variety of weapons.
  • Engineer tango icon 20px.png Engineer —master of mechanics; engineers use device kits, weapon kits and turrets to cause mayhem.
  • Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger —master of nature; rangers call upon their pets to assist in the field of battle.
  • Thief tango icon 20px.png Thief —master of the covert arts; thieves use initiative to deal quick damage and then slip away into the shadows.
  • Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist —master of the elements; elementalists change their elemental attunement in battle to adapt to any situation.
  • Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Mesmer —master of illusions; mesmers can create illusions to fight by their side.
  • Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Necromancer —master of the dark arts; necromancers draw on life force and use it to strengthen or heal themselves and others.
Will there be a healing class?

No. There will not be a dedicated healing profession in Guild Wars 2. Instead, each class has one skill slot reserved for a self-heal. There are also support skills that will heal allies, although these will be weaker than self-heal skills. Additionally, there are no skills which directly target allies; any skills which affect the user's allies will do so because the allies are in the area of the caster, in the area of a ground-targeted ability, or in the area of an enemy who is struck by a skill with a secondary effect. The intention is to give support classes an outlet for their protective nature while also requiring them to be fully aware of the battlefield, instead of just watching their allies' health bars.

What about the guardian? It looks just like a paladin or wammo with heavy armor.

The guardian's defensive magic is based around wards and blocks and, like any profession, it has no skills that can directly target allies. Guardians will don heavy armor and they can do some minor healing, but they have few other similarities to paladins or traditional Warrior/Monk classes.

Will there still be secondary professions?

No. (At one time, ArenaNet considered allowing secondaries in the game, but they were removed for a variety of reasons.)

Will professions have racial restrictions? Will some sort of racial bonuses bind a race to one profession to be effective?

No. There will not be any restrictions based on race. There will be racial skills, but these will generally be weaker than similar profession-based skills.

Can I change my profession after character creation?


[edit] Skills

Primary article: Skill
Will we have to capture skills to learn or unlock them?

No. Foes are no longer tied to the profession system which makes a skill capture system impractical.

How will skills be acquired?

The first weapon skill and one healing skill are available from the start of the game. Weapon skills are unlocked by using that weapon in combat. Healing, utility and elite skills will be acquired by other means, such as purchase from skill trainers or rewards from a karma vendor.

Will I be limited to eight skills like in the original Guild Wars?

The Guild Wars 2 skill bar has ten skills. The first five skills are determined based on your profession and your currently equipped weapon set (or environmental weapons, such as wielding a rock, using a siege weapon or carrying a bucket). The last 5 skills are selected by the player; the sixth slot is reserved for healing, the next three slots for utility skills, and the tenth for an elite skill.

How many skills will there be in the game?

In the initial release, there are over 450 skills: over 250 from weapon choices, 35 from healing, 200 utility, 8 racial, and 60 elites.

With so many fewer skills than Guild Wars or other games, how diverse can player builds be?

The trait system will enable players to create different builds to suit their play style, even while using the same skills. Traits affect recharge times, can add or lengthen the duration of conditions, and affect profession-dependent abilities, such as stealth for thieves. In addition, players can alter the their attributes with traits or by their choice of equipment, thus directly or indirectly improving things like health or damage.

[edit] PvE

Do different races start in different areas?

Yes. Each race starts in a different area and has a different storyline. However, friends playing different races can meet up after completing a short tutorial and traveling via an asura gate to a racial capital city of their choice.

Does the game include crafting?

Yes. There are eight crafting disciplines which you can choose and you can swap between them without losing progress or recipes. Players will not be able to specialize solely in crafting. Players will only have to craft items if they want the item to use or sell, rather than to "level up."

Will there be an auction house or similar in-game trading mechanism?

Yes. There is a Trading Post which allows a player to buy or sell items. You can also place an order for an item, hoping that someone will sell you the item, for the price you are offering. Buying/selling of items must be performed in-game but monitoring can be done from a web browser or smartphone application without being in-game.You are also able to open the trading post at anytime during the game, which eliminates the hassle of going to a major city or vendor to sell stuff. You will however have to go to a black lion trading post vendor to collect any items or money.

Is there going to be any player housing?

No. Not in the initial release. However, each character will have access to a home instance in their race's capital; it is personalized according to the character's biography choices. The home will evolve as the character becomes more involved in their personal story. Currently, home instances do not include any player-configurable components, such as a house or moveable furniture.

How does Guild Wars 2 handle questing?

You no longer have to speak to an NPC: events will begin without player intervention, putting an end to the green exclamation points that hover above NPC heads in many games.

  • Events are dynamic quest chains that have a persistent impact on the world, e.g. fail to stop the centuars from overrunning a fort and the nearby towns will be invaded soon after.
  • Primary quests and missions from Guild Wars have been replaced by the personal storyline, which involves a customized, instance-told story for the player to play through. NPCs currently related to your personal storyline have a green eight-pointed star icon hovering above them. This icon is also shown on your compass.
Will I be able to solo?

Yes, at least, much of the time. You can participate in your personal storyline, crafting, and dynamic events without anyone else around, if you choose. A notable exception to this, however, is the final story quest "Victory or Death" which involves successfully going through the Arah Dungeon in the Cursed Shore. As with all dungeons, a full party of five players is recommended. Any dynamic event listed as a Group Event will also be difficult or impossible to complete alone.

Will there be a closed-off tutorial area, like pre-Searing was for Guild Wars Prophecies?

Not exactly. While each race has a unique tutorial instance where new characters begin play, the content is limited to a short, single event chain.

"Personal story" is mentioned often. Is this akin to the original Guild Wars missions and primary quests? And is it possible to repeat the personal story ?

The personal story is the line of events that your character follows as the general story and tasks are progressed; there are similarities to GW's primary mission/quest system. It does not seem likely that the personal story is repeatable, since its completion has a persistent impact on your home instance, but ArenaNet has not specifically ruled the possibility out.

[edit] Persistence

Primary article: Persistence
What is persistence?

A persistent world is one that continues to exist and change even after a user has exited it.

Why does the game include persistence?

There are two primary advantages to persistence:

  • It allows an evolving world new game elements, such as consequences based on results from in-game events.
  • It provides a more social and truly massive multiplayer experience, so that you can adventure with anyone online at the same time as you.
Are there going to be loading screens? Is it a completely seamless world?

Yes, there are short loading screens. No, it's not a completely seamless world. You will see a loading screen when you transfer between two major zones (e.g. leaving a city) and a very brief delay when transfering between waypoints within a zone.

Are there still going to be instanced areas?

Yes. There are two types of instanced areas: those created to follow a character's personal storyline and dungeons.

A lot of persistent worlds include boss camping, node poaching, and loot stealing. How does Guild Wars 2 address this?
  • Loot and event rewards are determined entirely by individual participation. Anyone contributing significantly to foe deaths or events will receive the same benefits whether in a group or solo.
  • Every resource node in the game is instanced for each player. If one player mines a Copper Ore node, it will be mined out for only that player. The node will still exist for any player, who has not yet mined it.
  • Loot is assigned to each individual character, it cannot be stolen or seen by others.
  • The philosophy of Guild Wars 2 is that players should be excited to see someone running up to them... not be afraid that the other player will steal loot, experience or make the game-play unpleasant.

[edit] Setting

Will I be able to travel to Cantha and Elona? What happened to them?

You will be unable to travel to these areas in the initial release of Guild Wars 2, but they are expected to be added in future releases. To read up on lore, refer to the The Movement of the World article.

Are they going to include a day/night cycle?

Yes. The cycle will be faster than real time. Events and monster spawning will change based on the time of day. Centaurs might attack a camp at dawn, and ghosts haunting an ancient battlefield might only be visible at night. Currently, the cycle lasts 2 hours with 80 minutes of day and 40 minutes of night, but this is subject to change before release.[24]

So I heard that we could explore underwater. How's that going to work?

There will be extensive underwater areas to explore, and Aqua Breathers will allow characters to avoid suffocation for any amount of time. Additionally, an entirely separate combat system has been designed for underwater battles; characters are forced into underwater mode when submerged, swapping automatically to an aquatic weapon and modifying the effects of non-weapon skills to suit an underwater environment.

[edit] PvP

Primary article: PvP
What types of PvP will be available?

Currently, the game includes two types:

  • World versus World — huge, ongoing battles in the Mists between uneven groups of players of different levels.
  • Structured PvP has two major types: tournament play, similar to guild battles in Guild Wars — this pits two evenly matched teams against each other; and pick-up play where individual players or groups can pick games to join based on available space, map and other settings.[23]

In addition, certain activities are also considered PvP, e.g. bar brawling and snowball fights.

Will the game offer UAX for PvP (i.e. the ability to unlock all skills and items)?

It has been stated that a character which is taken into structured PvP will be given fixed level, and have access to the same set of skills, items, and professions as other players. World versus World will use the equipment and skill of the character entering, but the character will be leveled up to 80.

What about player-killing?

Players can only attack and kill each other in PvP-designated areas.

Will I be able to host my own tournaments?

Not at this time. But, ArenaNet is considering the idea.[25]

[edit] Guilds

Primary article: Guild
Will I be able to reserve my Guild Wars guild's name?


Will my account be able to join multiple guilds?

Yes. Each character can choose to represent a different guild.[23] Only one character per account needs to be invited, since each will show up in the guild roster as a single member,[25] however, each character must individually press the "represent" button to enable their participation with that guild.

Are any features being added to support guild-based activities in-game?

Yes. The game includes guild achievements and guilds can accrue influence which can be spent on upgrades, including guild storage. In World vs World, guilds will be able to conquer and maintain keeps. The game will include a guild calendar and enable guild chat from a web browser.[23]

Will guilds be segregated by character race?

No. If you want to do that, the guild leaders have to manually restrict membership based on character race.

Will we be able to create an alliance with our guild?

ArenaNet has not offered a definitive answer and there was no alliance option during any of the Beta Weekend Events.

How many members can join a guild?

The initial size of a guild will be 50. It can be upgraded to 500, about half the maximum size of an alliance in Guild Wars.

Will guilds have a Leader, Officer, Member ranking that limits their guild-management options?

Yes. These ranks are set by default and you can change that. You can also create additional roles, e.g. to manage guild storage or guild upgrade choices.

Will guilds have a way to recruit without using chat channels?

We do not know.

Will there be guild halls?

Not at launch. However, ArenaNet said that they will be offered sometime later.[26]

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