Character Slot Expansion

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Character Slot Expansion

Character Slot Expansion is an upgrade available from the Gem Store.It adds one additional character slot to your account.


Vendor Location Cost
Gem Store 800 Gem.png


  • Accounts begin with 5 usable character slots
  • Prior to the pre-purchase announcement for Heart of Thorns, a single account could have up to 64 character slots.
    • However, the pre-purchase bonus grants one additional character slot, and the ability to buy another character slot with gems. Pushing its previous limit to 66 total character slots.[1]
      • On July 10th, 2015, they increased the character slot limit to 67 because of the veteran player Heart of Thorns bonus character slot. This slot was free if you purchased Heart of Thorns on a older account, otherwise it can be purchased with gems.


  • During 2012 beta testing, you could purchase up to three additional slots, for a total of eight.


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