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Disambig icon.png This article is about the microtransaction currency Gem.png gems. For the crafting material, see Gemstone.

Gems Gem.png are the in-game currency required to make purchases from the Gem Store. The amount of gems you hold is indicated in the bottom left of the inventory panel and upper left of the Gem Store. Gems may be spent on convenience or cosmetic items, or account services.

[edit] Acquisition

Gems can be obtained in-game:

Gem cards can also be bought from local retailers or online in different denominations

[edit] Prices

Gems can be purchased for real-world money in several fixed amounts in-game. There is no discount for bulk purchases.

[edit] Directly from ArenaNet

Gems are available in the following amounts via the in-game interface:

Gems 800 1600 2800 4000 8000
$ or € 10.00 20.00 35.00 50.00 100.00
£ 8.50 17.00 29.75 42.50 85.00
  • Prices in dollars ($) do not include sales tax. This is added at the time of gem purchase depending on the state of residence.
  • Prices in euros (€) and pounds sterling (£) include the 20% VAT.

[edit] Gem cards

Various retailers offer gem cards that can be redeemed in-game for 1,200 or 2,000 gems.

Gems 1200 2000
$ or € 15.00 25.00
£ 12.75 21.25

The list of stores known to offer gem cards includes:

Country Store names
Belgium & Netherlands Game Mania
Free Record Shop
Canada Best Buy
London Drugs
EB Games
France FNAC
Germany Gamestop
Media Markt
South Africa BT Games
Spain FNAC
United States Amazon
Best Buy
Fred Meyer

[edit] Ratios

The table below shows the conversion rates between gems and three currencies accepted by ArenaNet:

Currency Gems / Unit Unit / 100 Gems
US Dollars 80 Gem.png / $ $1.25 / 100 Gem.png
EU Euros 80 Gem.png / € €1.25 / 100 Gem.png
British Pounds 94 Gem.png / £ 1 £1.0625 / 100 Gem.png
1 Rounded to the nearest whole number.

[edit] Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange tab allows you to trade gold for gems and vice versa. The exchange rate is measure in coin per 100 gems and determined by supply and demand from players. The average rate for exchange is displayed below along with the 5 day high and low. A graph displays the average price for the past week. There is a 15% transaction fee for converting in both directions. For example, exchanging 1 Gold coin gives 85 Silver coin worth of gems while reselling those gems returns only around 72 Silver coin 25 Copper coin, a net loss of roughly 28%. As the average price is decided by player supply and demand, prices will often change rapidly when new items are added to the Gem Store or there is a demand for coin. Purchasing gems to convert to coin is a common practice for players. The maximum amount of gems that can be traded at one time is 9999. The maximum amount of gold that can be traded at one time is 200 Gold coin.

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