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Map completion

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Example reward screen of map completion.

Map completion is the act of visiting all Points of Interest, Vistas, Waypoints and completing all Renown Hearts and skill challenges on a given zone. After completion, a blue bonus chest will appear that the player can then open and receive a reward. In addition, the player will receive a mail pertaining to the accomplishment except for city maps. Completing all maps in Tyria and World versus World is required for world completion.

Discovering all areas in the zone is not required, and it's possible to receive the map completion chest before visiting all areas (for example, many jumping puzzles are in secluded areas without any map objectives to discover). If the player is in an instance, home instance in cities for example, the accomplishment will display the next time the player enters the area. The player does not have to open the chest immediately. Leaving the zone by going into an instance, changing zone or logging out will open the chest for the player automatically. City maps have reduced rewards as exploration in these areas is risk-free.

[edit] Reward

Zone Level Tier Rarity
Plains of Ashford 1-15 1 DMasterwork
Queensdale 1-17 1
Caledon Forest 1-15 1
Metrica Province 1-15 1
Wayfarer Foothills 1-15 1
Diessa Plateau 15-25 2
Kessex Hills 15-25 2
Brisban Wildlands 15-25 2
Snowden Drifts 15-25 2
Gendarran Fields 25-35 2
Lornar's Pass 25-40 3
Fields of Ruin 30-40 3
Harathi Hinterlands 35-45 3
Blazeridge Steppes 40-50 4 ERare
Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40-50 4
Bloodtide Coast 45-55 4
Iron Marches 50-60 4
Timberline Falls 50-60 4
Sparkfly Fen 55-65 4
Fireheart Rise 60-70 4 FExotic
Mount Maelstrom 60-70 5
Straits of Devastation 70-75 5
Frostgorge Sound 70-80 6
Malchor's Leap 75-80 6
Cursed Shore 80 6

[edit] Explorable zones

Rewards for completion of explorable zones scale up to the top level of the zone. For example, fully mapping Fireheart Rise can give up to level 70 rewards. In addition, the rarity of the item scales with the zone, from Masterwork to Rare to Exotic.

[edit] Cities

[edit] World versus World

[edit] Notes

  • The experience reward is determined based on your character's level at the time of map completion, regardless of when you open the chest.

[edit] World completion

World completion on the map
Reward window for world completion

World completion requires completing all the following maps:

The following areas do not count towards world completion:

[edit] Reward

Upon completing the last map required for world completion, a world completion icon will pop up next to the loot icon. In addition to the regular rewards for the last map, players will receive:

  • 2 Gifts of Exploration (for full completion on one character).
  • A star next to the character's name, viewable by other players
  • The title Been There, Done That, available to all characters on the account, and the matching achievement (awarded for map completion counted account-wide)
  • The Map Completion Account Medal (counted accountwide, regardless of what it says).

[edit] World completion notes

  • This accomplishment is tracked by the Map Completion Medal on Account Medals, the Been There, Done That achievement, and the World Completion progress bar when you view the map.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer over a zone's name in your World Map in-game will trigger a popup that displays the zone's completion track, unless a new waypoint or point of interest was added since your last visit.
  • Some players reported that they did not receive the reward when they obtained the world completion achievement. For some, revisiting the Chantry of Secrets resolved the issue. A few were able to work around the issue by revisiting every map on the required list. Another fix is to go through the Asura gate in Lions Arch to Black Citadel. If you encounter this issue and are not able to fix it on your own, you will have to contact ArenaNet support.
  • If a character has attained map completion for a zone, and that zone at a later date has new items added, those new items need to be discovered in order to unlock the world completion medal and achievement, but not in order to get the world completion reward chest.

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