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A home instance is an instanced area within a character's home city based on the character's race, which evolves as they progress through the world.

A character's home instance will change based on their progress and actions in their personal story. For example, character actions could determine the presence or absence of non-player characters, special merchants or even buildings.

Players can invite others to visit their home instance. If a character visits a home instance in a city other than their home city (for example, a charr visiting Salma District), they will see a basic version of the district without any story-related changes. However, most upgrades are available to all characters in the account and visitors to the instance.


Race Home instance Description Nearest waypoint
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura Applied Development Lab A laboratory in Rata Sum. Magicat Court Waypoint —
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr Hero's Canton The barracks in the Black Citadel. Hero's Waypoint —
Human tango icon 20px.png Human Salma District Residential district in the north part of Divinity's Reach. Salma Waypoint —
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn Hunter's Hearth Upper levels of the Great Lodge of Hoelbrak. Great Lodge Waypoint —
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari Dreamer's Terrace A garden nestled in the roots of the Grove. Ronan's Waypoint —

List of home instance upgrades[edit]

Upgrades can be added to home instances for all characters on the account. All unlocked objects for the instance owner will appear and can be gathered by other party members. Each object can only be gathered once per day per account.

Gem Store upgrades[edit]

These upgrades can be added by purchasing the relevant upgrade from the Gem Store.

Black Lion Chest upgrades[edit]

These upgrades can be added from very rare drops from Black Lion Chest.

  • Elder Wood Logging Node.png Elder Wood Logging Node unlocks a node for Elder Wood Log -
  • Ancient Wood Logging Node.png Ancient Wood Logging Node unlocks a node for Ancient Wood Logs -
  • Platinum Mining Node.png Platinum Mining Node unlocks a node for Platinum Ore -
  • Platinum Mining Node.png Mithril Mining Node unlocks a node for Mithril Ore -
  • Orichalcum Mining Node.png Orichalcum Mining Node unlocks a node for Orichalcum Ore -
  • Omnomberry Harvesting Node.png Omnomberry Harvesting Node unlocks a node for Omnomberries -
  • Snow Truffle Harvesting Node.png Snow Truffle Harvesting Node unlocks a node for Snow Truffle -
  • Lotus Harvesting Node.png Lotus Harvesting Node unlocks a node for Lotus Root -
  • Orrian Truffle Harvesting Node.png Orrian Truffle Harvesting Node unlocks a node for Orrian Truffles -
  • Ghost Pepper Harvesting Node.png Ghost Pepper Harvesting Node unlocks a node for Ghost Peppers -

Achievement upgrades[edit]

These upgrades can be added by earning the relevant consumable from achievements.

Mastery Vendor upgrades[edit]

These upgrades can be purchased from Mastery vendors. They can be opened once per day, each comes with 3 keys.


See individual instances for specific NPCs, but some types are common in all home instances.


  • Certain personal story instances take place in the home instance instead of a separate instance.
  • The Home Portal Stone allows players to instantly travel to the home instance and return back to their original location.
  • Gathering done in the home instance is applied to the regional gathering daily achievement, e.g. gathering in Salma District counts towards Daily Kryta Miner/Forager/Lumberer, so daily gather can be readily achieved by mapping to the appropriate home instance.
Historical upgrades
  1. ^ a b c d These nodes require historical achievements but can also be purchased from vendors.