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Trinkets are a category of equipment. Trinkets differ from most other equipment in that they have no effect on the character's appearance.

[edit] Overview

There are three types of trinket: accessory, amulet, and ring. These types differ primarily in the magnitude of the attribute bonuses they grant, show in the table below. A character may wear up to two accessories, one amulet, and two rings at at time.

Trinket type Relative bonus
Accessory 100%
Amulet 160%
Ring 120%

Like most equipment, trinkets can be acquired as loot or personal story rewards, purchased from karma merchants, and traded on the Trading Post. Trinkets can also be crafted by the Jeweler tango icon 20px.pngjeweler discipline.

Trinkets have one upgrade slot that can accept jewels or universal upgrades

Since trinkets have no appearance, they cannot be dyed and are not part of the wardrobe.

[edit] Ascended trinkets

Ascended trinkets also have one infusion slot with an assigned type: Defensive, Offensive, or (on amulets only) Utility. Only an infusion of the same type or an Omni-type infusion can be placed in an infusion slot.

Ascended rings can be infused, after which they gain an additional infusion slot specifically for Agony Infusions.

[edit] Notes

  • Back items are not trinkets, even though the equipment slots are grouped together.
    • Back items must be repaired if they are damaged or break, the same as armor.
    • Many back items are visible on the character and can be reskinned in the wardrobe.
  • In structured PvP, the only trinkets available are amulets, which combine the attribute bonuses from all equipment into a single item.
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