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Trinket section of Hero Panel's Equipment tab

Trinkets are a category of equipment that may account for roughly 40% of the benefits given by equipment. Unlike armor, they do not affect a character's appearance and do not become damaged when defeated. Although they are not part of a character's starter equipment, trinkets may be acquired beginning in starter areas as loot, personal story rewards, purchased from vendors, and bought or sold on the Trading Post. They may also be crafted by jewelers and transformed in the Mystic Forge. Trinkets have one upgrade slot that can accept jewels or universal upgrades.


There are three types of trinkets: accessories, amulets, and rings, which differ in the magnitude of the attribute bonuses they grant. Equipped trinkets may be displayed using the equipment tab of the Hero panel. Hovering over an empty slot will display it's type. Hovering over an occupied slot will display the trinkets characteristics. A character may wear up to two accessories, one amulet, and two rings at at time.

Trinket type Relative bonus
Number that
may be equipped
Relative bonus
Accessory 1 2 2
Amulet 1.6 1 1.6
Ring 1.2 2 2.4


Ascended trinkets are roughly 5% more powerful than their exotic equivalents and usable by level 80 characters. They use different mechanics:

  • They have no upgrade slot, but the stats of an ascended-equivalent jewel are added to the base attribute bonuses of the trinket. (The jewel attributes are not always the same as the base attributes, resulting in items like Vine of the Pale Tree)
  • Instead, they offer one of three types of infusion slot: Defensive, Offensive, or (on amulets only) Utility. Each slot type can only hold infusions of the same type, e.g. defensive slots can hold defensive infusions; there are also omni-infusions that work in all three slot types.
  • They are unique, allowing only a single copy of each named trinket to be equipped at a time.


  • Structured PvP does not use normal trinkets but uses separate amulets through the PvP Build mechanic.
  • Since trinkets have no appearance, they cannot be dyed and are not part of the wardrobe.
  • Accessories are sometimes named Earring or Stud, Amulets are sometimes named Pendant, and Rings are sometimes named Band.
The slot for the back item is grouped together on the Hero panel with trinkets and, like rings, ascended back items can be infused. However, the game considers them a unique category of their own, closer to armor: they can be damaged or broken and they can be reskinned via the wardrobe.