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Karma (Karma.png) is a non-tradeable account-based currency that players can use to purchase items from karma merchants, including Renown heart NPCs and master craftsmen. The amount of karma you hold can be seen in the Wallet.


Karma can be obtained from:

The amount of karma acquired from the first three sources can be increased by various karma modifiers.

Karma consumables[edit]

Karma consumables can be obtained by completing the daily and monthly achievements, fromchampion loot bags or certain chests, from activities, and from the Lost Orrian Jewelry Box. They are sometimes also obtained during special events. The amount of karma from each consumable is fixed and cannot be increased by any means.

Name Amount Standard source Special event source
Sonic Periscope Audio Log.png Sonic Periscope Audio Log [1]150 Karma.png Flame and Frost: Sonic Periscopes (had to be turned in to a collector)
Drip of Liquid Karma.png Drip of Liquid Karma 150 Karma.png Champion rewards
Drop of Liquid Karma.png Drop of Liquid Karma 600 Karma.png 1 for Daily, Bag of Wondrous Goods from dungeons, Lost Orrian Jewelry Box
Thimble of Liquid Karma.png Thimble of Liquid Karma 1,000 Karma.png Bazaar of the Four Winds: Sanctum Sprint, Southsun Survival and Aspect Arena
Sip of Liquid Karma.png Sip of Liquid Karma 1,500 Karma.png Achievement Chest (100 points) Flame and Frost: Retribution: Molten Facility
Bazaar of the Four Winds: Sanctum Sprint, Southsun Survival and Aspect Arena
Taste of Liquid Karma.png Taste of Liquid Karma 2,500 Karma.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box
Karma Gift Box.png Karma Gift Box 2,000 Karma.png Flame and Frost: The Razing: Braham - Retake Cragstead and Rox - The Hatchery
Vial of Liquid Karma.png Vial of Liquid Karma 3,750 Karma.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box
Swig of Liquid Karma.png Swig of Liquid Karma 4,500 Karma.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box Last Stand at Southsun: Canach's Lair (explorable)
Gulp of Liquid Karma.png Gulp of Liquid Karma [1]5,250 Karma.png Wintersday 2012: Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle
Flask of Liquid Karma.png Flask of Liquid Karma 6,000 Karma.png 1 for Monthly Wintersday 2012: Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle
Jug of Liquid Karma.png Jug of Liquid Karma 6,750 Karma.png 1–5 from Achievement reward chests Wintersday 2012: Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle
Flame and Frost: Retribution: Returning documents from Molten Facility (various karma amounts)
Outdated: 10 for Monthly until August 2013
Refugee Child's Drawing.png Refugee Child's Drawing [1]7,500 Karma.png Flame and Frost: Refugee Volunteer achievement
Encrypted Thank-You Letter.png Encrypted Thank-You Letter 5,000 Karma.png Flame and Frost: Secret Contact achievement
Keg of Liquid Karma.png Keg of Liquid Karma 7,500 Karma.png Last Stand at Southsun: Canach's Lair (story)
Dragon Bash: Memorials on the Pyre
  1. ^ a b c These items were no longer obtainable as of the September 3, 2013, update that increased karma consumables by 50%. The amounts shown for them are calculated and have not been verified in-game.

Karma modifiers[edit]

There are several ways to increase the amount of karma earned from events and running Fractals of the Mists. These modifiers do not affect karma consumables.

Effect Source Bonus karma Notes
Karma Bonus (fifty percent).png 50% Karma Bonus Karma Booster
Communal Boost Bonfire
Kite Fortune
Enchanted Reward Boost
Guild Karma Boost.png Guild Karma Boost Guild Karma Banner 5% Does not stack with other guild banner effect.
Guild Karma Banner Boost.png Guild Karma Banner Boost Guild Karma and Experience Banner
Guild Heroes Banner
10% Does not stack with other guild banner effect.
+15% Karma for 24 hrs +15% Karma for 24 hrs Guild bonus 15%
Nourishment food.png Nourishment Ice Cream
Kralkachocolate Bar
5% Only one food buff may be active at a time.
Nourishment food.png Nourishment Birthday Blaster 10% Only one food buff may be active at a time.
Karmic Infusion 15% Bonus active while equipped
Karma Gain.png Karma Gain Achievement rewards Varies Permanent account bonus based on total achievement points earned
Volunteer's Blessing.png Volunteer's Blessing Automatic 5% Gained by volunteering to move to a new instance of a closing map
Total +100% (Not counting the Karma Gain account-wide bonus or the Volunteer's Blessing.)


Karma can be spent at


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  • During the betas, you could earn karma by completing parts of your personal story, helping others complete their story, or completing renown hearts. This was removed upon release.
  • The karma rewards were added to dungeon completion in a 2012 update.
  • A karma reward was reintroduced to renown heart rewards in the Flame and Frost: Prelude release.
  • Karma was made account bound with the addition of wallet in the Queen's Jubilee release; prior to that, it was character bound.
  • Karma consumables are not affected by boosts since the September 3, 2013 update. Each consumable was changed to grant around 50% more karma to compensate for this change.
  • The karma icon was inspired by the Penrose triangle, an impossible object.