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Inner Harbor (Memory of Old Lion's Arch)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Memory of Old Lion's Arch version. For the modern version, see Inner Harbor. For historical information about the area, see Inner Harbor/historical.

Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor (Memory of Old Lion's Arch) map.jpg
Map of Inner Harbor

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Inner Harbor is an area in Memory of Old Lion's Arch. A majority of the harbor consists of cliffs that act as a border to other areas. The harbor contains Deverol Island, accessed by a bridge on east side or swimming. There is a beachhead on the northeast and southwest corners of the area. On the southern tip of the island lie the graves of Cobiah Marriner, founder of new Lion's Arch, and his wife, Isaye.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

On Deverol Island
Chapel Woman: This is going to be a chapel whenever the Consortium delivers it. [verification requested]
Kerryn Deverol: What do you mean, "delivers it"?
Chapel Woman: They're assembling it off-site. When it's ready, they'll airlift it here.
Kerryn Deverol: That's... unconventional.
Adventurer (1): Did you see what happened in the marketplace this morning?
Adventurer (2): Those two guilds? Yeah. If looks could kill…
Adventurer (1): They're going to fight! And it's going to be good.
Citizen (1): You getting your claws dirty? Gut any punks lately?
Citizen (2): A sylvari was teaching me
Citizen (1): You're kidding me.
Citizen (2): It's okay. I'm teaching her to stab people. Her kidney shots are getting more precise.
Citizen (1): Oh, good. I was starting to worry about you. The arena could use more deadly sylvari.
Citizen (1): How're the kids doing?
Citizen (2): Well, the youngest, he's working on his garden. The oldest, he's hanging out with charr.
Citizen (1): That's terrible.
Citizen (2): I know. I don't want my boy to be a gardener!'
Villager (1): I trained my cat to sit on my shoulder.
Villager (2): I trained my dolyak to stand on one foot.
Villager (1): Whoa!
Villager (2): And jump.
Villager (1): Whoa!
Villager (2): Incredible.