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Sharkmaw Caverns (Memory of Old Lion's Arch)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the area's version in Memory of Old Lion's Arch. For the regular version, see Sharkmaw Caverns.

Sharkmaw Caverns

Sharkmaw Caverns (Memory of Old Lion's Arch) map.jpg
Map of Sharkmaw Caverns

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Memory of Old Lion's Arch
Connects to
Bloodcoast Ward (W)
Farshore Ward (N)

Sharkmaw Caverns Memory of Old Lion's Arch.jpg

Inaccessible Entrance to Sharkmaw Caverns

Sharkmaw Caverns is an inaccessible area within Memory of Old Lion's Arch.


  • Sharkmaw Caverns are blocked off by a rock formation not present in standard Lion's Arch. It is unknown if this is canonically true or if it was simply an obstacle placed by ArenaNet to prevent players from doing the Weyandt's Revenge jumping puzzle. Maybe it's because the lobby has no fall damage, making some aspects of the jumping puzzle considerably less difficult.