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Grand Piazza (Memory of Old Lion's Arch)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Memory of Old Lion's Arch version. For the modern version, see Grand Piazza. For general history for the area, see Grand Piazza/historical.

Grand Piazza

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Grand Piazza (Memory of Old Lion's Arch) map.jpg
Map of Grand Piazza

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The Grand Piazza is located at the center of a memory of Old Lion's Arch. It is a multi-plaza area that includes the Gate Hub Plaza. It connects Trader's Forum, Western Ward, Eastern Ward, and Fort Marriner.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint —
Asura Gates
Asura gate (map icon).png Hoelbrak Asura Gate
Asura gate (map icon).png Black Citadel Asura Gate
Asura gate (map icon).png The Grove Asura Gate
Asura gate (map icon).png Rata Sum Asura Gate
Asura gate (map icon).png Divinity's Reach Asura Gate
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Gate Hub Plaza





Merchant (vendor icon).png Bryden
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Antonin
Directions.png Lionguard Guide

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): Another glorious day in the plaza! Folks from all over... shopping... talking...
Citizen (2): You should see what it's like during a festival!
Citizen (1): That would be wonderful! When's the next one?
Citizen (2): Wait and see, kid. Wait and see.
Scholar (asura): I'm forming a guild with just asura and norn. It's called "Brains and Brawn."
Hunter (norn): Why not sylvari and golems? You could call it "Sticks and Stones."
Citizen (1): I love this city.
Citizen (2): Which part? The corruption? The crime? Or the undead?
Citizen (1): The sunsets. The gardens. The markets. The neighbors saying hi.
Citizen (2): Are we living in the same city?
Citizen (1): Yes we are. And I love this city.
Citizen (1): Will ya look at this? So many people.
Citizen (2): [sinisterly] And so much money to make.
Adventurer (human): You know where I can find a temple? I need to make an offering.
Citizen (asura): I wouldn't know. Gold is my god.
Adventurer (human): That's sacrilige! I thought you guys believed in...some kinda alchemy.
Citizen (asura): That's science. This is business. I'm not here for enlightenment. I'm here for profit.
Traveler: Why do so many notorious killers and brigands roam freely around the city?
Lionguard (1): Hey. Killers and brigands kept this city alive after the flood.
Lionguard (2): They've always been a big part of the Lion's Arch economy. And its charm.
At Gate Hub Plaza
Traveler (norn): If I track a wounded animal through a gate, would the gate's energy cauterize the wound?
Gate Technician: I...I haven't the faintest idea. My ears! What in intriguing question.
Traveler (norn): What do your ears have to do with it?
Traveler (sylvari): I hate gate travel. For a split second, I feel completely disconnected from the Dream.
Traveler: It's perfectly safe. Gate travel was perfected centuries ago. Mishaps are exceedingly rare.
Traveler (sylvari): I don't care about centuries. I'm worried about that one second when I'm all alone.
Traveler: Why do you charge extra for oversized items? That service should be included.
Gatekeeper: Fine. I'll even offer free gate travel if you provide me with a lifetime supply of rifles.
Traveler: What would you do with so many rifles?
Gatekeeper: Protect my precious gate from freeloaders.
Gate Technician: I need to run a series of thermalogic diagnostics on the gate later.
Gatekeeper: Any potential problems I should be concerned about?
Gate Technician: There's a slight possibility of intermittent interruptions in power.
Gatekeeper: Assuming everyone arrives in no more than one piece, I won't worry.
Traveler: How long will it take to get to Divinity's Reach?
Gatekeeper: Travel time is instantaneous, ma'am. You enter the gate here and exit there.
Traveler: I need one of these between my house and the market.