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Western Complex

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Western Complex

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Western Complex map.jpg
Map of Western Complex

Western Complex locator.svg
Location within Sandswept Isles

Western Complex.jpg
Western Complex

The Western Complex is the western third of Rata Primus. The area is dominated by Awakened.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Communications Array
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Communications Control
Point of interest.png
Specimen Chamber
Point of interest.png
Tunnel Access Epsilon







Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the north
Inquest Technician: Nice work on the Exterminator IG-04!
Inquest Engineer: Upgraded defenses. And offenses. Really, upgrades to all the "fences."
Inquest Assistant: I've heard the Cube is preparing for a fresh round of promotions.
Inquest Engineer: Lot of "vacancies" created lately, I suppose.
Inquest Assistant: Maybe "lab sanitation supervisor" isn’t so bad after all.
Inquest Grenadier: Die, Awakened scum!
Inquest Extinguisher: Why isn't Rata Primus sending backup?
Inquest Grenadier: Not the time for questions!
At the middle of the area
Inquest Engineer: Don’t look so glum! Sure, we’re stuck in the middle of a battle, but it could be worse!
Inquest Technician: It's's my birthday. No one remembered.
Inquest Technician (1): They are attacking! Save the research!
Inquest Technician (2): Forget the research! I'm saving myself!
Inquest Technician (1): You imbecile—you're worthless without your research!
Inquest Technician (2): I'm more worthless without my head attached!
PA Announcer: Welcome, krewe members, to another bright day in Lab Alpha-One_Nine: creating yesterday's tomorrows—today!
PA Announcer: Imagine! Communications technology enhanced by the unique hive-mind abilities of Kralkatorrik's minions.
If The Road to Rata Primus is active:
Taimi: What? Their hive mind?
Taimi: I wonder if that ability is something Kralkatorrik absorbed after Mordremoth's death. Some piece of its magical nature...
PA Announcer: Fast, efficient, reliable. We are the future of communications!
Inquest Assistant: Boss! The awakened have culled our personnel by 34.23 percent!
Inquest Engineer: Not my problem.
Inquest Assistant: And they smashed your favorite coffee mug.
Inquest Magiscientist (1): Of all the preposterous ideas. Must've been those grunting half-wits in Marketing. Or Finance.
Inquest Magiscientist (2): Doesn't matter now. The data's in; we'd better get connectivity using carrier pigeons. Kiss our funding goodbye.
Inquest Magiscientist (1): Funding? Best case, we're fired. Worse case, we get fed to the carnivorous chickens in Lab Six.
Inquest Magiscientist (2): I can't believe we have to prod brainless beasts with electrified sticks.
Inquest Magiscientist (1): I can't believe we get to prod brainless beasts with electrified sticks!
Inquest Magiscientist (2): Idiot.
Inquest Magiscientist (1): Simpleton.
Upon activating the test
Inquest Magiscientist (1): Hey...the experiment's running. Did you do something?
Inquest Magiscientist (2): Not me. You think...
Inquest Magiscientist (1): Shh! Keep your voice down! Maybe they'll go away.
Inquest Technician: Oh, great. More intruders! We're totally gonna slip our deadlines!
Inquest Engineer: We're totally gonna die if you don't do something!
At the south of the area
PA Announcer: Advisory K-4: If you see anyone you do not recognize, confirm their identity.
PA Announcer: Don't be misled; with some effort, a charr CAN fit inside an asura-size Inquest uniform.
PA Announcer: ...
PA Announcer: Advisory A-4: Discussing research with unauthorized parties is prohibited.
PA Announcer: Advisory A-5: Due to our latest reorg, next-of-kin notifications may be delayed.
PA Announcer: All personnel are required to undergo a daily psychological assessment.
PA Announcer: Failure to complete will result in termination.
PA Announcer: Unrelated: Make sure to elect for donation of your body to Inquest research in the case of unfortunate demise!
PA Announcer: Help us to make a better tomorrow, today.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes