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Keep up the good work, and remember: we care.

— PA Announcer

The PA Announcer is an oft-used recording of a female asura in Inquest facilities throughout the Crystal Desert. The announcements often entail a description of a lab for new arrivals, as well as constant encouragement for local Inquest members to work hard and to ignore work hazards. The PA Announcer is also used to downplay the invasion of Awakened, as well as report any spread of quarantine breaches. Her closing line is based on focus-group research to reinforce the view of Inquest administration as a benevolent force.[1]


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]


  • The PA Announcer is voiced by Mara Junot.[2]
  • The PA in the south of Rata Primus area is the only one that doesn't say "we care".