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Leyfinder Research Facility

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the map objective. For navigating the interior of this facility, see The Road to Rata Primus#Walkthrough.

Leyfinder Research Facility

Point of Interest
Damos Isle
(Sandswept Isles)
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Leyfinder Research Facility.jpg
Leyfinder Research Facility

Interactive map

The Leyfinder Research Facility is a point of interest on Damos Isle—one of the southern Sandswept Isles. It is a large Inquest structure with a shield cannon on top. During the story mission The Road to Rata Primus, the lab has to be entered to destroy the shield generator within, which maintains part of the shield around Rata Primus.

Getting there[edit]

This point of interest can be discovered either from the facility's roof or from within by using the ground-level entrance north of the facility.



  • Mounts are forbidden within the lab, a message will display if you try to enter while mounting: "The Inquest have contaminated this area, making it inhospitable for mounts. You have been dismounted."