Insect Swarm (NPC)

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Insect Swarm

Insect Swarms can be summoned by Mordrem Trolls.

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Lasts for up to 30 seconds, cannot be targeted or damaged, and is completely immobile unless commanded by the troll
  • Sting - Point-blank area of effect aura that pulses every second, dealing damage to nearby enemies


  • The Insect Swarm projectile can be reflected, creating an allied Insect Swarm where it lands that will damage the troll and other Mordrem. These swarms will not follow the troll's target when commanded.
  • When a Mordrem Troll dies, all Insect Swarms summoned by it are automatically destroyed. This even includes reflected Insect Swarms that are friendly to players.
  • If given enough time to set up multiple Insect Swarms, they can easily become one of the most deadly Mordrem creatures.
  • Insect swarms will follow a marked player even when stealthed.