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Slick is a powerful, high-ranking norn member of the Aetherblades located in Twilight Arbor along side his partner-in-crime, Sparki. He seems to be the more level-headed of the pair and specializes in oil-based attacks, serving as the fuel to Sparki's fire. The duo is first seen briefly in Ooze Font, but afterwards they appear in The Clearcut as the first actual boss encounter in path 3 of Twilight Arbor (explorable).

In combat, he wields what appears to be a variation of the flamethrower made to spew oil and tar and possesses a unique mechanic, the Oil-Absorbing Ooze. Most of his skills deal damage over time and some also synergize with Sparki's attacks. If Sparki is killed before him, he'll create Tar Pools more frequently.


Maguuma Jungle

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Oil Lob
  • Elixir
  • Fiery Overload
  • Frenzy

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Frenzy (Sparki and Slick).png Frenzy - (Only if Sparki is killed)
  • Tar Pool - Projectile auto-attack with a 1 second cast time that create a long duration area of effect fields where it lands. The pools pulse once every second, dealing damage and Crippled.png crippling for 5 seconds. Enemies standing in a pool will also be under the effects of Smoke Vent.png Tar (Aetherpath), an effect that increases the duration of Burning.png Burning received. Additionally, each individual Tar Pool that is active will inflict 1 stack of the Toxic Fumes effect every second, but each pool can maintain no more than 1 stack at a time. Toxic Fumes lasts for 1 second, deals damage every second, and is unavoidable. (If Sparki was killed first, this attack will be used much more frequently.)
  • Flame Overload - Ranged, single-target attack that inflicts Weakness.png Weakness and 3 stacks of Bleeding.png Bleeding for 5 seconds.
  • Slick summons an Oil-Absorbing Ooze as soon as he and Sparki are aggroed. If an ooze comes into contact with a Tar Pool, it will automatically absorb the tar, removing both the area of effect field and the fumes it causes. Oozes violently explode when killed, afflicting all enemies with 10 stacks of Toxic Fumes. There can only be one ooze active at a time and they won't despawn until both Slick and Sparki have been killed. These oozes attack whichever enemy is closest to them, but always prioritize those under the effects of Ooze Pheromone.
  • Slick sprays enemies in a point-blank area of effect around his target, afflicting them with Ooze Pheromone for 60 seconds.
  • Toss Elixir H.png Toss Elixir B - Slick periodically grants himself his own version of Toss Elixir B. [verification requested]
Stolen skills


Slick does not directly drop loot, instead a chest will spawn once he and Sparki have been killed, of which contains:

Name Type Rarity Quantity
Deluxe Gear Box.png Deluxe Gear Box Container Exotic 1
Aetherkey Piece.png Aetherkey Piece Consumable Masterwork 2


Downing foe and disengaging
Because it has. Scarlet said, "Catch and burn anyone who doesn't run fast enough." You should have run faster. (Said as a follow up to Sparki's comment)
Heh. Another log for the fire.
Don't bury me here. I don't want to be plant food.